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Angkor Wat is a temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world, with the site measuring 162.6 hectares. It was originally constructed as a Hindu temple of god Vishnu for the Khmer Empire, gradually transforming into a Buddhist temple toward the end of the 12th century. It was built by the Khmer King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century in Yaśodharapura, the capital of the Khmer Empire, as his state temple and eventual mausoleum.

Angkor Wat also one of the 7 Wonders of the World.

But afternoon in Siem Reap is very hot, so I arrange to go back hotel to rest for every afternoon.

吴哥窟是柬埔寨的一座寺庙建筑群,也是世界上最大的宗教纪念碑,占地 162.6 公顷。 它最初是为高棉帝国建造的印度教毗湿奴神庙,12世纪末逐渐转变为佛教寺庙。 它由高棉国王苏耶跋摩二世于 12 世纪初在高棉帝国的首都雅首陀罗普拉建造,作为他的国庙和最终的陵墓。


On the first day, we arrived at Angkor Wat around 9:30 am, check into the hotel and went directly to purchase entrance tickets for Angkor Wat, We purchase 3 days pass at US$62 and start visiting. At first, we planned to visit Small Circuits on the first day, but due to insufficient time, we only manage to visit Angkor Wat and Bayon Temple. we went back hotel in the afternoon to avoid the afternoon sun in Angkor Wat. We came out again to have dinner at Meric Khchei Khmer Cusine. They serve very good spring rolls. Their atmosphere was very good. Then we went to Phare, The Cambodian Circus to watch circus performance after dinner. I personally liked this circus performance, even performed was very common.

第一天上午9:30左右到达吴哥窟,入住酒店,直接去购买吴哥窟门票,我们以62美元购买3天通票,开始参观。 一开始我们打算第一天去参观Small Circuits,但由于时间不够,我们只能参观吴哥窟和巴戎寺。 我们下午回到酒店以避免吴哥窟午后的阳光。 我们再次出来在 Meric Khchei Khmer Cusine 吃晚餐。 他们提供非常好的春卷。 他们的气氛非常好。 晚餐后前往柬埔寨马戏团Phare观看马戏表演。 我个人很喜欢这种马戏表演,甚至表演都很普通。

On the second day, we started our journey with Angkor Wat sunrise, Ta Prohm and then Grand Circuits, Banteay Kdei, Pre RupEast MebonTa SomNeak PeanPreah Khan followed Angkor Thom (BaphuonPhimeanakas, Royal Palace, Terrace of the Leper KingPreah PalilayTep Pranam and Prasat Suor Prat). We returning to the hotel after the above visit, I went out evening for dinner at Night Market, watched Ladyboys show with massage at Angkor Night Market, show started 8pm every night, the massage was lousy but the show still acceptable.

第二天,我们出发去吴哥窟看日出,Ta Prohm开始我们的旅程,然后是Grand Circuits,Banteay Kdei,Pre Rup,East Mebon,Ta Som,Neak Pean,Preah Khan跟随Angkor Thom(Baphuon,Phimeanakas,皇宫,Terrace of the Leper King、Preah Palilay、Tep Pranam 和 Prasat Suor Prat)。 我们在上述访问后返回酒店,晚上出去夜市吃晚饭,在吴哥夜市观看带有按摩的 Ladyboys 表演,表演每晚 8 点开始,按摩很糟糕,但表演仍然可以接受。

On the third day, we visited Kbal Spean and Banteay Srei, because I visited Siem Reap during the dry season in February. So Kbal Spean has no water, but still good experience visiting, but it is recommended that those who plan to visit Kbal Spean, get ready to walk a long distance and climb a little. We had lunch at the Banteay Srey restaurant, which was quite reasonable compared to the dining venues in Angkor Wat. We enjoyed Banteay Srei under the hot sun after having dinner. We went hotel to rest after visiting Banteay Srei. After dinner at the L’Annexe French Restaurant, we went to Smile of Angkor, an interesting and famous lighting show. I like it very much.

第三天,我们参观了 Kbal Spean 和 Banteay Srei,因为我在 2 月的旱季访问了暹粒。 所以Kbal Spean没有水,但是游览体验还是不错的,但是建议打算去Kbal Spean的人,准备好走一段长路,再爬一点。 我们在 Banteay Srey 餐厅吃了午餐,与吴哥窟的用餐场所相比,这是相当合理的。 晚餐后,我们在烈日下享受了 Banteay Srei。 参观完Banteay Srei,我们去酒店休息。 在L’Annexe法国餐厅吃过晚饭后,我们去了一个有趣而著名的灯光秀——吴哥的微笑。 我非常喜欢它。

On the fourth day, we went to Kompong Phluk Floating Villages to see the houses built on the stilts up to 10 meters high and the houses on the lakeside at Tonle Sap Lake. We went to the Golden Pumpkin Restaurant for lunch, this is the best restaurant I visited Siem Reap. After lunch we went to Lucky Mall, Angkor Trade Center, Old Market (Psar Chas), Pub street and Angkor Night Market for last minute shopping. My advice to travellers to avoid haircuts, massages and ice cream on the street at Pub Street, no standard.

On the Fifth day, we return Singapore in the early morning.

第四天,我们去了甘榜帕卢浮村,看到了高达10米的高跷房屋和洞里萨湖湖畔的房屋。 我们去了金南瓜餐厅吃午饭,这是我参观暹粒最好的餐厅。 午餐后,我们去了幸运购物中心、吴哥贸易中心、旧市场(Psar Chas)、酒吧街和吴哥夜市,进行最后一分钟的购物。 我对旅行者的建议是避免在酒吧街的街道上理发、按摩和冰淇淋,没有水准。


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