Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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New approach to avoid scams for Singaporeans 避免新加坡人被骗的新方案

Tourism and investment traps example 旅游与投资陷阱例子

Indonesian scams

Sexual intercourse scam 性交骗局

They unite friends and family to approach you, and then make up various lies, provide identification, bring out their kids to win your sympathy, and even have sex with you to gain your trust. When they succeed scam your money, they will run away without a trace. When you find them, they will again combine friends and family to threaten you or kill you.
Not only women but also can be men, you cannot imagine how cheap they are.


Batam scam group 巴淡岛诈骗集团 Grup penipuan Batam

Other scams in Indonesia example 印度尼西亚的其他诈骗手段例子

Impersonation Scams

Tech support scams 技术援助骗局

This is another common online scam and you need to pay extra careful. Next time your smartphone rings and you don’t know the number, please think twice before answering. Maybe it’s not your friend at the other end, but a liar!
Today, online technical assistance is very common and widespread. The scammer will pretend to be a technician from a telecommunications company or a computer company, falsely claim that your computer or network is faulty and needs repairs, and then request access to your computer, stealing information without your knowledge.
Victims can also receive a call from someone claiming that their computer needs a security or software upgrade. To get the upgrade, victims must give their software user account ID and password to the caller. Sometimes, victims are asked to type several commands onto their computer, after which their computer system falls under someone else’s control. Alternatively, victims might be asked to purchase additional software online. When they do, the scammers take their credit card or bank account details for their own fraudulent use.


China officials impersonation scams 中国公安冒充骗局

These scams are well known, but people still fall for them. This may be because scammers will call and threaten you that you are breaking the law for a crime you don’t know about. Often, they will say you have an outstanding subpoena, your name is involved in a money laundering crime, or even an order to appear in court.
It’s important to note, however, that the police say they will not call criminals about any outstanding citations or crimes you “commit”. They also warned the public not to be deceived.

这些骗局已经广为人知,但是,人们仍然为它们而堕落。 这可能是因为诈骗者会打电话威胁你,说你因为你不知道的罪行而触犯了法律。 通常,他们会说你有未付的传票,你的名字涉及洗钱犯罪,甚至有出庭的命令。
然而,重要的是要注意,警方表示他们不会就您“犯下”的任何未付传票或犯罪行为给罪犯打电话。 他们还警告公众不要上当受骗。

China officials impersonation scams example 中国公安冒充骗局例子

Impersonating the Ministry of Health Scam 冒充卫生部骗局

During the epidemic prevention and control period, people were panicked, and the fraud group was not idle. They waited for the opportunity, attempted to commit fraud under the guise of nucleic acid testing, vaccination, etc., and collected illicit wealth in the name of epidemic prevention and control. Please note that registration for the COVID-19 vaccine can only be done through The public is advised to check the Ministry of Health website for information on Singapore’s COVID-19 vaccination programme. Be sure to verify the authenticity of the description before providing any personal or financial information. You can also call the Ministry of Health hotline on 1800 333 9999 if you have any questions. Thank you.

疫情防控期间,造成人心惶惶,诈骗集团也没有闲着。他们伺机而动,企图打着核酸检测、疫苗接种等幌子实施诈骗,借疫情防治之名敛不法之财。请注意,注册 COVID-19 疫苗只能通过 进行。建议公众查看卫生部网站 以获取有关新加坡 COVID-19 疫苗接种计划的信息。在提供任何个人或财务信息之前,请务必验证说明的真实性。如果您有任何疑问,也可以拨打卫生部热线 1800 333 9999。谢谢你。

Impersonating the Ministry of Health Scam example 冒充卫生部骗局例子

Impersonating Police Scam 冒充警察骗局

Scammers will appear on Telephone, WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook apps impersonates as police officers.
Users will receive text messages/calls from accounts using police officer profile picture. Recruit people or claim that you are involved in a crime.
Citizens who receive such text messages/calls should take the following crime prevention measures:
• Ignore the description. Do not associate with scammers; and
• Never reveal your personal or banking details and one-time passwords (OTPs) to anyone.
If you have information related to this type of scam, please call the police hotline at 1800-255-0000 or submit it online at

诈骗者会冒充警察出现在 Telephone、WhatsApp、Telegram 和 Facebook 应用程序上。
• 忽略说明。不要与骗子交往;和
• 切勿向任何人透露您的个人或银行详细信息以及一次性密码 (OTP)。
如果您有与此类诈骗有关的信息,请致电警方热线 1800-255-0000,或通过 在线提交。

Impersonating Police Scam example 冒充警察骗局例子

Impersonating the Courts, ICA and other government departments Scam 冒充法院、移民与关卡局和其他政府部门骗局

Fraudsters exploit people’s fear of law enforcement officers and also impersonate other government departments such as police departments and courts to deceive. Usually, you need to pay the settlement fee online. Keep in mind that Singapore government departments will not ask you to pay fines without a notification letter.
欺诈者利用人们对执法人员的恐惧,还冒充警察部门和法院等其他政府部门进行欺骗。 通常,您需要在线支付结算费用。 请记住,新加坡政府部门不会要求您在没有通知信的情况下支付罚款。

Impersonating the Courts and other government departments Scam example 冒充法院和其他政府部门骗局例子

Impersonating artist, couriers, banks and other commercial organizations Scam 冒充艺人,快递、银行等其他商业组织骗局

Scam groups will also pretend to be couriers, banks and other commercial organizations to scam. They will lie that you have a package to receive and ask for an extra charge, or there is a problem with your bank account.


Impersonating couriers, banks and other commercial organizations Scam example 冒充快递、银行等其他商业组织骗局例子

OTP scams 一次性密码骗局

This type of scam begins when a stranger suddenly sends a message to the victim, asking them to send a one-time password (OTP) mistakenly sent to their phone. They will say they entered the wrong number and are waiting for the PIN to complete the transaction. However, you should never, never give your OTP to anyone!
If you get any suspicious messages, you should block the contact. It is highly recommended to check your own bank account in case any transactions have been made without your knowledge.

这种类型的骗局始于一个陌生人突然向受害者发送信息,要求其发送错误发送到他们手机的一次性密码 (OTP)。 他们会说他们输入了错误的号码,正在等待密码完成交易。 但是,您永远不应该,永远不要将您的 OTP 提供给任何人!
如果您收到任何可疑消息,则应阻止该联系人。 强烈建议检查您自己的银行账户,以防在您不知情的情况下进行了任何交易。

Job Scams 招聘骗局

These scams often involve online job ads seeking would-be male social escorts. Victims who respond are told they would be introduced to wealthy female clients, but only after they pay a registration fee. After payment, the scammers ask victims for other fees such as for insurance and membership before disappearing with the money.
In another variation of the job scam, scammers place online job ads for assistant purchasers, stock takers or participants for a system trial on popular classified websites like Gumtree. Participants are asked to reveal personal details like their names, IC numbers, phone numbers, phone security codes and one-time passwords (OTP). Information like this allows scammers to access your mobile phone lines to purchase online credits.
In the latest variant, scammers will offer jobs that require applicants to do the following in return for a small commission:
a) Processing fund transfers by receiving money into their personal bank accounts and then transferring the money out through online banking or money transfer services such as Western Union or MoneyGram
b) Open bank accounts using their names for a business, or
c) Receive a donation into their personal bank accounts and assist to deposit the money into a crypto kiosk.

a)通过将资金接收到他们的个人银行帐户中,然后通过在线银行或Western Western或MoneyGram等汇款服务转出资金来处理资金转帐

Job Scams example 招聘骗局例子

E-commerce scams 网购骗局

With Internet now you can shop without going out, In Lazada, Taobao, Shopee, ezbuy, Carousell, Qoo10 and even FB, WeChat can conduct buying and selling transactions.
Scammers have also caught up with this trend and took advantage of this opportunity!
Scammers often describe their products, gadget, amusement park or concert tickets in an exaggerated way, and then grasp the people’s greed, generate various discounts, and mark what they sell. A very low and low price, attracting unsuspecting online shoppers.
After the transaction money is transferred, deceived online shoppers will be blocked, and finally there will be no money, and no goods in the end.
One of the most common platforms where scammers operate is Carousell. because people are very willing to use cash transactions on the platform, many people begin to abuse this trust to defraud people’s cash.
Before you spend money to buy products online, please check the seller’s reviews and past transactions to ensure that the seller is legitimate, never pay up until you’ve seen and inspected the item.
If a Carousell seller insists you to transfer money to him before receiving an item, be suspicious, If the Carousell seller insists that you pay additional fees such as GST, please consider certification. If the item is expensive, stick to the on-site transaction. Insist on meeting up if the item is expensive.
For security, you might even want to use Caroupay, the in-app feature that holds your payment until the transaction is done and both parties are satisfied.
Some Carousell scammers also require you to send them an IC picture before completing the transaction. Never do this, because the information on your IC can be used for identity theft.


E-commerce scams example 网购骗局例子

eBay scam 贝宝电邮骗局

Scammers prey on sellers on online auction sites like Ebay and Carousell. They might agree to buy an item from the seller and make payment through PayPal. They then send the victim an email that looks like it had come from PayPal stating that the money has been sent. The seller is asked to provide shipment details or pay an admin fee before the payment can be released. Under the impression that it is a legitimate instruction from PayPal, the seller mails the item to the scammer.


Investment scams 投资骗局

You’re probably heard of the gold buyback scams, which rear their ugly heads in Singapore every few years to fleece investors of their hard-earned cash.
Well, cryptocurrency scammers are using the same tactics by promising huge returns. These scams have investors throwing in their money into what they think is an investment, and later finding themselves unable to get it back when the payouts mysteriously stop.
Some victims receive messages from a stranger who claimed to be a stockbroker, an employee of a bank or financial company on a social media platform (such as Facebook, WeChat or LINE), Responding to these messages leaves you vulnerable to an Investment Scam where fraudsters ask for personal details like NRIC and passport numbers, supposedly for an investment form. Scammers then ask victims to transfer money to banks in overseas, pay administrative fees, security fees and taxes in order to receive the profits and returns.
Victims may receive phone calls from people claiming to be from the overseas Monetary Authority, asking for a deposit before profits can be released to them.
Due to credulity, the victim’s fell into a trap of real estate or business investment in overseas.
Remember: Most people from social media who need your personal particulars are scammers. Avoid being scammed by using some common sense and learning to invest on your own (such as through the MoneySmart blog!). Understand how to grow your own money so you don’t get cheated by someone purporting to grow it for you.
Invest in overseas, unless you can visit the site in person and follow up. Otherwise eliminate this idea and let locate investment companies or real estate companies to do the jobs.


Investment scams example 投资骗局例子

Loan scams 借贷骗局

SMSs or WhatsApp messages are sent offering loans and loan services to random users. The scammers may claim to be staff from a licensed moneylender. Interested parties are instructed to transfer money as a deposit before the loan can be disbursed. After making the transfer, victims find that the scammers are no longer contactable. As part of these scams, the scammers may ask for personal information like NRIC and contact numbers, Singpass details and bank account numbers. When handed over, the information is used to harass or threaten victims for payment.


Loan scams example 借贷骗局例子

Bank loan or credit card scams 银行贷款或信用卡骗局

It is easy to be fooled by “too good, untrue” bank quotes, which may guarantee large amounts of funds and have been pre-approved by the bank. If you offer such an incredible pre-approved loan, ask yourself, why me?


Social media impersonation scams 社交媒体假冒骗局

Criminals illegally hacked into your Facebook/Line/whatsapp account and asked your friends in your Facebook/Line/whatsapp to buy iTunes or other stored value cards for them. They even ask for their personal information such as mobile numbers, WhatsApp verification code or internet banking details.
You may also receive a text message from a family or friend’s account asking you to help purchase a stored-value card or money help urgently.
Best to call them personally to verify.
Because it is very important to protecting privacy and online security, you should be extra careful when protecting your personal online accounts, just like protecting a bank or email account.
In terms of Facebook/Line/whatsapp security, these tips may help you stay away from these online frauds:
Do not accept friend requests from people you don’t know; Do not share passwords with others; Please use a two-factor authentication system when logging in; Avoid connecting to public and free Wi-Fi networks; Keep browsers and applications updated
To enhance your online privacy, I recommend that you read the complete guide on Facebook/Line/whatsapp security and privacy.

犯罪分子非法侵入您的脸书/ Line / whatsapp帐户,并要求您脸书/ Line / whatsapp中的朋友为他们购买iTunes或其他储值卡。甚至要求他们提供个人信息,例如手机号码,WhatsApp验证码或网上银行详细信息。您可能还会收到来自家人或朋友帐户的短信,要求您紧急购买储值卡或金钱帮助。最好亲自打电话跟他们验证。
在脸书/ Line / whatsapp安全方面,这些提示可以帮助您远离这些在线欺诈行为:
为了增强您的在线隐私,我建议您阅读有关脸书/ Line / whatsapp帐户安全和隐私的完整指南。

Social media impersonation scams example 社交媒体假冒骗局例子

Fake friend call scams 假朋友电话骗局

The rapid development of technology is beyond your imagination. Using software or other devices to imitate other people’s voices is no longer difficult! Scammer will call or voice message the victim and impersonate a friend / relative who has a close relationship with them. After a long discussion, he will pretend to be in a financial dilemma and ask the victim to help them. Or a friend of your family said that your family was involved in a car accident or something and asked for financial assistance.
In this case, you must repeatedly confirm the identity of the other party, ask the other party to speak their own name, and tell something about who he can verify. Of course, it is best to hang up the phone first, and then call him (or your family) to confirm again. Never transfer money to others without verification!

科技发展之快,分分钟超乎我们的想象。使用软件或其他设备模仿他人的声音不再困难! 诈骗者会呼叫受害者或向受害者发出语音信息,并冒充与他们有密切关系的朋友/亲戚。 长篇大论之后,他将假装陷入财务困境,并要求受害者提供帮助。
在这种情况下,您必须反复确认对方的身份,要求对方说出自己的名字,并要求他证明身份。 当然,最好先挂断电话,然后再打电话给他(或你的家人)再次确认。 未经验证,切勿将钱转给陌生人!

Help scams 求助骗局

The most common are counterfeit beggar and drop wallet. Counterfeit beggars are very common especially in foreign countries. Some of them are also interrupted by criminal syndicates and forced to beg, please do not give money to them. This will encourage unhealthy trends. It is also illegal to beg in Singapore. There are also people pretending to have lost their wallets, asking for money to eat or taking bus home. Or other methods require financial assistance. Good intentions may be right, but many scammers using your good intentions to cheat.
Another help scam is a friend borrowing money from you, so remember that unless you don’t plan to get it back, you should never lend money to someone.

最常见的是假冒乞丐和掉钱包。假冒乞丐尤其是在外国非常普遍, 他们有些还被犯罪集团打断手脚,被逼行乞,千万不要给钱给乞丐, 这会助长歪风,在新加坡行乞也是犯法的。还有冒失鬼假装丢失钱包, 要求钱吃饭还是坐巴士回家。或者其他方法要求金钱援助。做好心可能是对的,但是当下很多人就利用你的好心进行咋骗。

Help scams example 求助骗局例子

Love scams 爱情骗局

Due to the number of people looking for love online these days, love scams are on the rise. A love scammer typically targets a lonely person using a social network such as Facebook or a dating site such as Tinder. There are many example of someone was lucky enough to find her future husband / wife on a dating site, cause many people are eager to try.
However, not all scenes have a “happy ending” like this, and you need to be very careful because you never know who you can meet.
In the quiet of the night, a person will inevitably feel lonely. how nice is a person can talk to you? The scammer is aware of this, casts a net on the Internet, and once they found the target, they will be transformed into the ideal type of lover (usually “tall, rich and handsome” or “white, rich or beauty”), and then they play various tricks, and occupy each other’s atrium with sweet words. After victims put in true feelings, their real faces came out, either digging out all victims savings bit by bit, or shamelessly threatening blackmail with nude photos!
Such people may also appear in real life, they usually come from abroad, because after success scam, they can escape without a trace.
Remember: Love may be blind, but you must not let it blind your eyes.


Love scams example 爱情骗局例子

Credit-for-sex-scams 信用性爱骗局

Another common one is the credit-for-sex scam. These scams typically target men on apps and social networks like WeChat and Tinder by offering sexual services. The non-existent prostitute agrees to meet up with the victim on condition that he first makes payment, often by buying Alipay Purchase Cards or iTunes gift cards.
These scammers target lonely hearts online, building rapport and forming a “relationship” with them over weeks and months. But it’s not as straightforward to avoid these scams as you can’t read reviews of people. All we can recommend is that you be very cautious of seemingly attractive people online.

另一常见的爱情骗局是信用性爱, 这些骗子通常会通过提供性服务,将目标锁定在微信和Tinder等应用和社交网络上的男性。 不存在的妓女同意与受害者见面,条件是受害者首先通过购买支付宝购买卡或iTunes礼品卡付款。
这些骗子在网上瞄准了孤独的人,在数周和数月的时间内与他们建立了融洽的关系并与他们建立了“关系”。 但是要避免这些骗局并不是像您阅读别人的评论那样简单明了。 我们的建议是,您对在线看似有吸引力的人要非常谨慎。

Love package scams 爱情包裹骗局

Someone showed love to the victim and said that he/she had sent a valuable gift to the victim. Soon after the victim received a call from an employee claiming to be a customs office or post office, stating that the victim had a package seized by the authorities and must pay a handling fee to retrieve. The victim did not suspect and remitted the money according to the instructions. But did not receive the package after some time, then found out been cheated.


Love package scams example 爱情包裹骗局例子

Macau scams 澳门骗局

It is an old trick, but the scammers keep using, because even if the tricks are repeated, many people still deceived. First, the scammer will speak to the victim as a “law enforcement officer” or “police officer”. Many people heard that they were “law enforcement officers” or “police officers”, the whole person panicked, and the scammers used various exaggerations to further deepen their concerns. “Money laundering”, “Arrest orders have been issued by the court”, etc., step by step impact the victim’s psychological defense. Then, when the victim is unable to think rationally because of the panic, the scammer will show his true face and ask the victim’s bank account to “assist” the investigation. In another variation, the caller might claim to be an employee or representative of bank or courier company. The caller might claim that your identity was used to send parcels containing fake passports or weapons, or to apply for overseas credit cards. They then refer you to another caller claiming to be a official, who will ask or even threaten you to give them personal information such as your passport or bank account number, internet banking credentials or One-Time Password (OTP). If it’s a phone call that is unsolicited and the caller sounds strange, just stay calm, hang up immediately and verify the information through official channels first. Remember that if you are involved in criminal activities, the police will come to the door with an arrest warrant to arrest you without calling in advance. Please even identify police at your doorstep. To be on the safe side, never answer a call from an unknown caller if it isn’t from a local number. All overseas calls now start with +, so you’ll instantly know if you’re receiving a call from abroad. Conversely, in order to avoid confusion, calls from Singaporean numbers no longer start with “+65”. You can also download ScamShield, a new mobile app developed by Singapore’s Government Technology Agency. The app filters scam calls and messages so you don’t have to waste precious time hanging up on scammers or deleting their texts from your phone. The app maintains a database of scam numbers and simply filters calls and SMSes from known scammers. It doesn’t collect your information to send it to the police, so you don’t have to worry about security issues.
In addition to common phone scams, scam groups can also send letters or e-mails to the target under the official agency’s signature. These emails are usually warning letters claiming that you have broken the law and will take legal action soon. The more you panic, the easier it is for them to succeed. In any case, if you read these so-called warning letters carefully, you will find that they are crude and grammatically mistake.

这是一个古老的把戏,但是骗子们一直重复使用,因为即使重复这些把戏,许多人仍然被骗。首先,诈骗者将以“执法人员”或“警务人员”的身份与受害人交谈。许多人听说他们是“执法人员”或“警察”,整个人都惊慌失措,骗子夸大其词进一步加深了他们的担忧。例如 “洗钱”,“法院已下达逮捕令”等,逐步影响了受害者的心理防御能力。然后,当受害者由于恐慌而无法理性地思考时,骗子会显示出自己的真实面貌,并要求受害者的银行帐户“协助”调查。在另一个变体中,呼叫者可能声称自己是银行或快递公司的雇员或代表。呼叫者可能声称您的身份曾被用来发送装有伪造护照或武器的包裹,或用于申请海外信用卡。然后,他们将您引荐到另一个声称是官员的呼叫者,后者将要求甚至威胁您向其提供个人信息,例如您的护照或银行帐号,网上银行凭据或一次性密码(OTP)。如果是不请自来的电话,并且呼叫方声音听起来很奇怪,请保持冷静,并立即挂断电话,然后首先通过官方渠道验证信息。请记住,如果您参与犯罪活动,警察将上门逮捕,不会事先打电话给您。甚至请验证在您家门口找您的警察。为了安全起见,如果本地电话不是本地号码,切勿接听来电。现在,所有海外电话均以+开头,因此您会立即知道是否收到来自国外的电话。相反,为了避免混淆,新加坡电话号码不再以“ +65”开头。您还可以下载ScamShield,这是由新加坡政府技术局开发的新移动应用程序。该应用程序可以过滤骗局电话和短信,因此您不必浪费宝贵的时间挂在骗子上或从手机中删除其文本。该应用程序维护一个骗局编号数据库,并仅过滤来自已知骗局的呼叫和SMS。它不会收集您的信息以发送给警察,因此您不必担心安全问题。
假冒骗局 (电子邮件/社交媒体)除了常见的电话诈骗外,诈骗集团也可以以官方机构为署名向目标发送信件或电子邮件。 这些电子邮件通常是警告信,声称您已违反法律,并将很快采取法律行动。 骗子正在打心理攻击。 您越恐慌,他们越容易成功。无论如何,如果您仔细阅读这些所谓的警告信,就会发现它们粗糙并且语法错误。

Deception against retailers 针对零售商的咋骗

1. Fraudsters may change your store’s payment QR code when you close the store, thereby losing your income into their account.

2. Scammers will pose as customers and ask for food delivery, usually a large deal. Then try to convince the merchant to help buy other things, pretending to pay along with the food.

3. Fraudsters pay double price to book a table and ask the operator to purchase goods from designated merchants.

  1. 诈骗分子可能会在你关店时更改您商店的支付二维码,从而使您的收入进入他们的户口而蒙受损失。
  2. 骗子会伪装成顾客并要求送餐,通常是大笔交易。 然后试着说服商人帮忙买其他东西,假装会和食物一起付钱。
  3. 诈骗分子以支付双倍价格为诱饵订桌并要求业者向指定商家代购货品。

Deception against retailers example 针对零售商的咋骗例子

Business Email Impersonation scams 商业电子邮件冒充骗局

In addition to common phone scams, scam groups can also send letters or e-mails to the target under the official agency’s signature. These emails are usually warning letters claiming that you have broken the law and will take legal action soon. The more you panic, the easier it is for them to succeed.
In any case, if you read these so-called warning letters carefully, you will find that they are crude and grammatically mistake.
The criminals also sent emails with an email address similar to that of the victim’s supplier, claiming that the account they usually used had been frozen or being audited, and asked the victim to transfer the money to a different bank account.
It is also possible to pretend to be a buyer to order products from you.

除了常见的电话诈骗外,诈骗集团也可以以官方机构为署名向目标发送信件或电子邮件。 这些电子邮件通常是警告信,声称您已违反法律,并将很快采取法律行动。 骗子正在打心理攻击。 您越恐慌,他们越容易成功。

Business Email Impersonation scams example 商业电子邮件冒充骗局例子

Cold call supplier scams 上门推销供应商骗局

This scam targets owners of trading firms. It usually begins with a call from a person overseas, who offers the company owner exclusive rights to sell a product in Singapore. After they accept the offer, the trading firm owner receives a large order for the product, which comes from the scammers. To fulfil those orders, the victim orders and pays for the items. The victim soon realises that the items will never arrive, and the scammers have disappeared.


Dropshipping or delivery scams 直销或送货骗局

Don’t think that if you don’t go online, don’t go out, scammers can’t deal with you. They may also come to your doorstep. The most common is ask you to repairs your house, pretend to be a delivery person or install equipment specified by the government.
Please confirm the identity of the other party. If the government specifies the installation of equipment, you will usually receive letters or news in advance.

请确认对方的身份。 如果政府指定安装设备,通常会提前收到信件或新闻。

Dropshipping or delivery scams example 直销或送货骗局例子

Forced sale 强制出售

Retailers use lies to lure consumers into spending money to buy or sign up for services or products.


Forced sale example 强制出售例子

Scalpers 黄牛

For every limited-edition item or concert released in certain countries, there will always be scalpers trying to make extra money from fans. But some of them are not just scalpers, they will also use the opportunity to create fake concert tickets and sell them to buyers at higher prices. Victims don’t know until they are denied access to their dream concert!
This is why we should never buy concert tickets from unofficial platforms or strangers. Not only is it illegal for scalpers to sell these tickets, supporting them will only encourage more scalpers to show up.

在某些国家发售的每一场限量版单品或演唱会,总会有黄牛试图从歌迷那里赚取额外收入。 但其中有的不仅仅是黄牛,他们还会利用这个机会制造假演唱会门票,以更高的价格卖给买家。 受害者直到被拒绝参加他们梦想中的音乐会时才知道!
这就是为什么我们永远不应该从非官方平台或陌生人那里购买音乐会门票。 黄牛出售这些门票不仅是违法的,支持他们只会鼓励更多的黄牛出现。

Money mule scams 钱骡骗局

Scammers, likely to be members of foreign syndicates, pose as lonely individuals seeking companionship and love online. They befriend victims on social media sites and after gaining their trust, ask the victims to open a new bank account or use an existing bank account to receive money. When the money is deposited into account, the victim is asked to pass or send the money to another person or company, usually based overseas. Alternatively, scammers post job advertisements on online job portals or social media platforms for the position of “agent”. The “agents” will earn commission for receiving and transferring money for a “legitimate” company.


Scratch and win scams 刮刮乐骗局

Victims are approached while shopping and invited to participate in a simple scratch-and-win promotion. They win a prize but must follow the scammer to their main office to collect it. Once at the office, the winners/victims are told to pay an administration charge or tax on the prize, which does not exist. They might even be asked to pay more money to join a grand draw with prizes such as cars or holidays. The scammers offer to accompany “winners” to an ATM in Singapore to collect the money. Once they receive the money, scammers tell victims that the prize is delayed and that they should return another time.


Scratch and win scams example 刮刮乐骗局例子

Lottery/Lucky Draw/Voucher Scam 彩票/幸运抽奖/优惠券骗局

Victims receive a phone call or SMS notification that they have won a prize in a lucky draw. Often, the prize is a car or a condominium unit overseas. To claim the prize, victims must pay administrative fees or taxes. Or to convert the prize into cash, victims must make payment to a foreign bank account.
In another variation of the lucky draw scam, victims receive a call to take part in a survey that qualifies them entry to a lucky draw. Victims subsequently win the draw but must pay an administrative fee to claim the prize.


Lottery/Lucky Draw/Voucher Scam example 彩票/幸运抽奖/优惠券骗局例子

Online game scams 在线游戏骗局

Scammers use pop-up or online ads to sell game credits at attractive rates. These ads often appear in popular games. When a victim clicks on the pop-up ads, they will be instructed to add the seller on WeChat. Thereafter, the victim is asked to register an account on a website in order to receive the game credits. During registration, the victim is asked to provide their personal information and bank account details.
When registration is complete, the victim is asked to make payment for the game credits via Alipay, iTunes or MyCard. Once payment is made, the scammer does not deliver the game credits and becomes uncontactable. Some victims are asked to make multiple payments for various fees or to authenticate or activate the bank account.
The sale in foreign currencies, scammers ask victims to transfer money to a Singapore bank account before they can receive the Renminbi in the victim’s WeChat or Alipay account. Once the transfer is done, the scammer becomes uncontactable and blocks the victim on WeChat.


Hypnotisers scams 催眠师骗局

It’s unclear exactly how these hypnotists work, but many people have fallen victim to these scammers. Some of them have lost their entire savings and in the process, victims are being manipulated by crooks. The victim appears to be in a state of daze and confusion, and there are even instances where the hypnotized victim is tied to a tree.
If suspicious persons approach you, keep a safe distance, as they tend to approach victims in convincing disguises such as tourists. If you feel dizzy while talking to a stranger, leave immediately and break eye contact.

目前尚不清楚这些催眠器究竟是如何操作的,但许多人已经成为这些骗子的受害者。 他们中的一些人已经失去了全部积蓄,在此过程中,受害者被骗子操纵。 受害者似乎处于茫然和困惑的状态,甚至出现了被催眠的受害者被绑在树上的情况。
如果可疑人员接近您,请保持安全距离,因为他们往往会伪装成游客等令人信服的伪装接近受害者。 如果您在与陌生人交谈时感到头晕,请立即离开并中断眼神交流。

Home/room rental scams 租房骗局

Scammers offer a room or house for rent and use high-pressure tactics to get victims to pay the rent in advance. In these cases, the scammers are not authorised to rent out the property or the property may not even exist.
In another variation of this scam, the scammers pretend to be interested foreign tenants looking to rent a place. They will claim to have made payment for the deposit, after which the victims will receive fake emails from PayPal asking for a fee before the payment can be released to them. In some cases, the scammers may ask the landlords to help them pay their movers’ fees.
One iteration of this scam is a phishing scam in which the tenant says they will pay you first. They ask for your account details and personal details like NRIC number. Then they use the information to hack your accounts.
In another scam, a tenant rents your property, and then sublets it to someone else without your knowledge. They usually pay a few months’ rent, and then hide and happily collect the rent from the subtenant. Eventually, when your rent stops coming in, you turn up at the property to find out what’s going on only to find a stranger living there.
There is another iteration of this scam, which happens when the tenant simply sublets your property at a higher price on Airbnb. This can go on for a long time without your ever knowing, so make sure you inspect your property from time to time.
There are other landlord rental scams, including using your property to store illegal goods like drugs or pirated DVDs, or using your property as a brothel. The key here is to inspect the property often and talk to the neighbours so they can warn you if something smells fishy.


Home/room rental scams example 租房骗局例子

Car Rental scams 租车骗局

Rent a car at an unbelievably low price, it’s probably a scam. The car rental scam tricks victims into paying a deposit or the full rental fee before receiving the car. After payment has been made, victims find that the agency and car do not exist.


Travel scams 旅行骗局

These scams are usually happened in the hot summer or before Christmas Eve or short winter holidays.
What happens is this: you receive an email with an amazing offer, it is a rare special destination (usually an exotic destination), and will be in a very short time Invalidate. If it sounds good, it might look like a travel scam, so don’t get lost!
The problem is that some of these offers hide some necessary costs before you pay the initial offer. Others just took your money and didn’t send you anywhere.
In this case, it is recommended that you carefully study the travel offer and look for hidden costs, such as: airport taxes, tickets to be paid to enter local attractions, check whether meals and other local transportation costs are included between your airport and your hotel , Or between the hotel and the main attractions mentioned in the initial offer, etc.
Generally, we recommend that you choose a trusted and well-known travel agency. You can also check whether you have received the same result as the discount you received by paying separately for the ticket and accommodation.
If you like to travel, you can easily be victim to airline scams just by looking for free tickets. Airline scams are some of the most popular travel scams, and we recommend applying these valuable techniques.

Or scams encountered at hotels or during travel.



Travel scams example 旅行骗局例子

Fake Car accident scam 假车祸骗局

Common scam often found in some countries is when a motorist or pedestrian deliberately pretends that the driver hit them when in fact they were not injured. These scammers will pretend to be hit and fall to the ground, and then use their high-level performance skills to obtain medical expenses, otherwise they will call the police. In order to solve the problem, some people must obey. This is not terrible. What is more terrible is that these alleged victims may also be robbers. They use this method to create opportunities for robbery.
Therefore, when a car accident occurs abroad, please do not panic and pay attention to the surrounding environment or personnel. If you have a dashcam installed in the car and you are sure that all the evidence has been recorded, the first thing is to lock the door. If the situation looks bad, please call the police!

有些国家经常发生一个常见的骗局是驾驶者或行人故意假装司机撞到他们,但实际上他们没有受伤。 这些骗子会假装被击中并摔倒在地,然后利用其高水平的表演技能来获得医疗费用,否则他们将报警。 有些民众为了息事宁人,只好乖乖就范。这还不可怕,更可怕的是这些所谓的受害者也可能是强盗。 他们利用这种方法来制造抢劫的机会。
因此,在国外发生车祸时,请不要惊慌,并注意周围的环境或人员。 如果车里面装有行车记录器,并且您确定已记录所有证据,那么第一件事就是锁上车门。 如果情况看起来很糟,请报警!

Apple Scams 苹果骗局

Scammers use items such as “magic stones”, unite several people to ask you to touch, and then the magic stones become black, those scammers will say that you are sick and want you to buy the so-called medicine for treatment. Or scammers tell victims that they or their loved ones are about to experience misfortune, which they can prevent by performing a ritual. As part of the ritual, money or valuables are placed in a plastic bag or container. Victims are told that the bag or container can only be opened a few days later or the ritual will not work. When the proper time has passed, victims open the bag to find that the valuables have been replaced by worthless items like fruit, newspapers or sugar.

诈骗分子可能使用魔石之类的物品, 联合几个人来要你触摸, 然后魔石变成黑色,诈骗分子会游说您,说你患病并要求你购买所谓的万能丹来治疗。或诈骗分子会声称受害人本身或亲友厄运临头,必须通过祈福仪式消灾,并要求受害者将金钱或贵重物品放入一个塑料袋或容器。骗子会声称袋子或容器必须在数日后才打开,否则仪式将失效。但受害者在指定时间打开容器时会发现财物早已被水果、报纸或者砂糖等廉价物品取代。结局可想而知。

Nigeria scams 尼日利亚骗局

Probably one of the oldest and popular Internet scams, mainly used by a wealthy family member in Nigeria to deceive others. It is also known as “Nigeria 419”, named after the part of Nigeria’s Criminal Law that prohibits this behavior.
A typical Nigerian scam involves emotional emails, letters, text messages or social network messages from scammers (which may be government officials, businessmen, or members of very wealthy family members (usually women)) asking you to help retrieve large sums from the bank Payment, and initially pay a small fee for documents and legal affairs. In exchange for your help, they promise you a lot of money.
They will persevere and ask you to pay more for more and more additional services (such as transaction or transfer costs). You will even receive papers that should convince you that everything is true. In the end, you are bankrupt and you don’t have any promised money.


Inheritance scams 遗产骗局

Victims receive a letter, call or email stating that they have been left a large fortune. However, to have the funds released, victims must first pay the administration fees and taxes.


Inheritance scams example 遗产骗局例子

Kidnap scams 绑架骗局

Having your child kidnapped is one of parents’ biggest fears, and it’s what scammers count on. They would call random numbers and demand ransoms to free “captives” and say they have children of their own. In fact, they weren’t kidnapping anyone, they were taking advantage of their parents’ fears. They also use voice clips of screaming children to persuade concerned parents to pay the ransom as soon as possible. Before doing anything rash, be sure to confirm their whereabouts with your child.

您的孩子被绑架是父母最大的恐惧之一,这也是骗子所指望的。 他们会拨打随机号码并要求赎金以释放“俘虏”,并说他们有自己的孩子。 事实上,他们并没有绑架任何人,而是在利用父母的恐惧。 他们还会使用尖叫的孩子的语音片段来说服忧心忡忡的父母尽快支付赎金。 在做任何轻率的事情之前,请务必与您的孩子确认他们的下落。

Killer scams 杀手骗局

Cyber criminals will send you an email threatening to blackmail your money. This type of online scam in many forms, such as a threat that unless the ransom is paid within the time frame provided by the scammer, they will kidnap family members.
In order to create a truly dangerous appearance, the message is filled with detailed information about the victim’s life, which is collected from online accounts, personal blogs, or social network accounts.
Therefore, it is not safe to provide any sensitive or personal information about you on social media channels. This seems to be a safe and private place with only friends around you, but you can never be sure who is looking at you.




Phishing scams by voice, text messages or email continue to develop and pose a major threat to users and companies. They may put their valuable data in the hands of fraudsters.
The consequences of phishing attacks can be daunting, so it is essential to stay safe and learn how to detect and prevent these attacks.
What is a phishing scam?
The scammer will call you or leave a voice message claiming to be from a reputable company or pretending to be someone to trick you into providing sensitive information, such as bank details and credit card information.
This is another type of fraud. Scammers will send you text messages to your phone, mainly by clicking on embedded malicious links to lure you to provide sensitive or confidential information.
Scammers may also trick users into providing them with valuable sensitive data through emails or social network text messages (such as winning lucky draws, impersonating government officials, banking institutions or any other financial institutions, legitimate companies, or friends of users).
How did they do it?
Falsify or deceive the caller ID to make it look like an incoming call from a trusted number. Use the war dialer to dial the number of everyone in the group. Use “synthetic speech” similar to human speech to automate calls.
How to protect yourself?
Ignore the call from the unknown number or transfer it to voicemail and decide later if you want to call the caller back.
If the caller provides a return number, please do not dial that number as it may be part of a scam. Instead, search for the phone number published on the official company or organization website.
If you receive an automated message from the caller, please do not press any buttons or answer any questions, as this will trick you into becoming a potential target for more robot calls, or they may also record your voice to use it to navigate the tying Set the voice automatic call menu to your account.
If you suspect this is a phishing call, please hang up immediately. There is no obligation to continue the dialogue. If possible, just hang up and block this number.
Be suspicious of anyone who asks you to share sensitive information, and do not disclose any confidential and sensitive information over the phone, such as personal identity and details, passwords or OTP, bank account details, etc.
Do not click on any links you receive from unknown numbers on your phone, even if you receive any text messages from people you know, please consider calling them from your contact list to verify with them before clicking the link. Or go to the following webpage to confirm, don’t just reply or use the same phone number you received.

这是另一种欺诈行为 诈骗者会通过应用程序向您发送短信到您的手机,主要通过点击嵌入的恶意链接来引诱您提供敏感或机密信息。
对任何要求您分享敏感信息的人持怀疑态度,切勿通过电话透露任何机密和敏感信息,例如个人身份和详细信息、密码或 OTP、银行帐户详细信息等。

Phishing website and email example 钓鱼网站和电邮例子

Fake or rogue antivirus software 假冒或流氓防病毒软件

All of us saw the following message on the screen at least once: “You have been infected! Download Antivirus X now to protect your computer!”
Many of these pop-up windows are carefully designed to look like legitimate messages that Microsoft Windows or any other security product might receive.
If you are lucky, nothing is more disturbing than a mere scam, because it will display unwanted pop-up windows on your screen when you browse online. In this case, in order to get rid of annoying pop-up windows, we recommend that you scan the system with best antivirus product.
If you are unlucky, your system may eventually be infected with malware, such as Trojan or Keylogger. This kind of message may also come from one of the most dangerous ransomware threats, such as CryptoLocker, which can block and encrypt your operating system and require you to provide a certain amount of money in exchange for the decryption key.
To avoid this situation, we recommend that you use specialized security products to enhance online protection against financial malware and supplement your traditional antivirus programs.


Fake or rogue antivirus software example 假冒或流氓防病毒软件例子

Phishing on free public Wi-Fi 在免费公共 Wi-Fi 上进行网络钓鱼

Beware of public Wi-Fi hotspots, as hackers can set up fake hotspots to retrieve personal information and previous activity from victims’ devices. Avoid doing any transactions on your device when using public Wi-Fi, as your information can easily be stolen.
If you use public Wi-Fi, mobile phone users are strongly advised to use their own data for an internet connection or to set up a virtual private network (VPN). For your social media accounts, make sure you have two-factor authentication activated to prevent outsiders from logging in with your ID.

谨防公共 Wi-Fi 热点,因为黑客可以设置虚假热点从受害者的设备中检索个人信息和以前的活动。 使用公共 Wi-Fi 时避免在您的设备上进行任何交易,因为您的信息很容易被盗。
如果您使用公共 Wi-Fi,强烈建议手机用户使用自己的数据进行互联网连接或设置虚拟专用网络 (VPN)。 对于您的社交媒体帐户,请确保您已激活双重身份验证,以防止外人使用您的 ID 登录。

Fake online shopping websites 虚假的在线购物网站

We all like shopping, and shopping on the web can be easier and more convenient with just a few clicks. But for your online safety, please visit website carefully. There are thousands of websites that provide false information. These websites may send you to malicious links, allowing hackers to access your most valuable data.
If you find a great online offer, you may say “yes” immediately, but you need to learn how to spot a fake shopping website to avoid being cheat.


Fake online shopping websites example 虚假的在线购物网站例子

Greeting card scams 贺卡骗局

Whether it’s New Year or Christmas, we will receive various holiday greeting cards or text messages that seem to come from friends or people we care about in our email inbox or social media text messages.
Greeting card scam is another ancient online fraud used by malicious actors to inject malware and harvest users’ most valuable data.
If you open such an email and click on the card, you usually get malware that is being downloaded and installed on the operating system. The malware may be an annoying program that will launch pop-up windows with advertisements and unexpected windows on the screen.
If your system is infected with such dangerous malware, you will become one of the bots in a large number of infected computer networks. If this happens, your computer will start sending private data and financial information to fraudulent servers controlled by IT criminals.


WANGIRI scams 一下铃声”WANGIRI骗局

This scam gets its name from the Japanese word Wangiri — ‘wan’ means ‘one’ and ‘giri’ means ‘hang-up’. Victims receive a phone call from an overseas number, which rings just once. If they return the call, they will hear an advertisement for a subscription to a premium chat line or internet services. Victims are charged a premium for this call.
In another variation of this scam, the caller, claiming to be an official, leaves a voice message informing the victim that there has been an emergency to which they must respond by calling them back. The latest version involves WhatsApp messages with contact attachments. Victims incur a hefty fee when they call that contact.


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