Deception against retailers 针对零售商的咋骗

Police warn against restaurant reservation scams after F&B operators lose S$73,500

Published by Channel NewsAsia on 20 Jul 2022 09:31PM

SINGAPORE: Police on Wednesday (Jul 20) warned against a new type of scam involving fake restaurant reservations, with at least five victims losing a total of S$73,500 since July.

The scam targets local food and beverage operators, who would receive calls from fake customers making reservations and asking for off-menu items to be purchased from a fake supplier, police said in a news release.

These so-called customers, whose phone numbers show the “+” prefix indicating an international incoming call, would reserve many tables and ask for expensive off-menu items.

“The victim would be provided with the contact details of a fake supplier for these off-menu items and would be informed that the items have been paid for,” police said.

“In some instances, the ‘customers’ would send a forged screenshot showing funds being transferred to the F&B operator’s bank account.”

The operators would then be instructed to contact the fake supplier, where they would make payments to order the items requested by this customer.

“Victims would only realise that they had been scammed when they discovered that they did not receive any funds from the ‘customer’, or when the off-menu items were not delivered and/or the ‘customer’ becomes uncontactable,” police said.

They advised the public to take precautions when receiving reservations from overseas customers, such as asking for a local contact to liaise with for the reservation.

They also urged F&B operators to avoid making payments or deposits in advance when dealing with new suppliers.

“Arrange to meet the supplier and pay only upon delivery of the goods,” they said, adding that operators should also search online for reviews of suppliers to establish their legitimacy before committing to a purchase.

“大老板”再出击 “鸡饭配红酒”图骗小贩钱

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利宝饭店的老板陈进发(60岁)受访时说,他在星期四(7月7日)接到自称是“Kenny Ma”的人,对方先是开口称要连续五天订100份饭盒外卖,后来要陈进发向指定的供应商订购佛跳墙。


陈生成山瑞补汤第三代老板陈崇禄(31岁)受访时说,员工是在星期五接到“Kenny Ma”的电话,对方称是为老板订桌,想请60人吃饭。“当时我们很兴奋,以为是接到大生意了。”



QR code Scam

A newly formed payment council, set up to look into ways to advance e-payments in Singapore, has created a taskforce specifically to develop a common QR code for Singapore (SGQR) that could be used for e-payments island wide.

China has already had theirs in the market. Even buying food doesn’t need cash, just a simple scanning of a QR code would complete the transaction. However, scammers started to exploit these codes by affixing their QR code on top of hawkers’ QR codes, resulting in all their hard earned money going into the suspect’s pockets.

Two men went to a counter of a restaurant and deliberately used a phone to block the public’s view, hastily replacing the store’s QR code to their own.

The victim said: “It was busy, so I didn’t notice, a closer look will reveal a small layer on top of the original QR code.” The victim’s code has been successfully stolen.

Chinese police said: “This is a new type of theft. If a business accepts QR code payment, the code cannot just determine the customer’s mobile information, they must determine from their own account page, whether they really received any money. ”

Suspects often find crowded shops with a QR code placed on the counter of the store, like shopping streets, food streets, drink shops. With their agility, they can paste QR codes within a few seconds.

Chinese police said: “In the process of investigation, we have found that the suspect has moved through four provinces and cities nationwide, including Guangxi, Guizhou, Guangdong, Foshan and then finally being arrested at Hunan. They used the same trick and stole more than 320 cases, amounting to nearly S$20 million.

Advice: Do not paste your QR code outside the store or in front of the counter. You should treat the QR code as your cashier, lock it when not in use.

Well-known durian stall encountered scammers repeatedly using electronic payment screenshots to cheat

Translate from Channel 8 News Dated July 29, 2020 16:56

Electronic payment methods are becoming more and more common in Singapore, but some people took advantage of the loopholes and were accused of defrauding the well-known durian stalls with screenshots before payments. He repeatedly took the durians without paying, and finally got caught.

The durian stall in Ghim Moh, Ah Seng Durian posted on the social media Facebook page last night (29th) to expose the incident.
The man was accused of pretending to scan the PayNow QR code to pay, but in fact kept the screenshot before successful payment, and showed the screenshot to the booth staff, making them mistakenly think he paid.
Ah Seng Durian said that the man had escaped several times before. They knew that the man had ordered the durian yesterday, so they waited patiently for him to come.
The man did the same thing. After the staff at the booth confirmed that he had not received his payment, other staff immediately walked over from the corner and asked him if he really paid. The man said nonchalantly that he had forgotten to enter the payment amount.
“Then what did he show to our auntie at the time? Did he really forget it, or did he find a convenient excuse?”
“He has repeatedly regretted it and expressed his willingness to compensate for the money he had not paid before.” The employees further questioned what he did previously. He denied at first, but finally admitted after the employees’ questioning with video as evidence. “

“Treat others with tolerance and coexist peacefully. We accepted his apology and late payment. This matter was finally resolved in private. I hope that similar incidents will not happen again, Otherwise, we will report it without hesitation and let the relevant departments handle it. “
Ah Seng Durian also noticed that customers showed their real payment records after using cashless payment methods in front of the cashier.
This post received enthusiastic responses from netizens. Most netizens pointed out that Ah Seng durian may not be the only victim, and other vendors and stalls may have been deceived. Therefore, it is recommended to call the police. I also agree not to let the scammer go. They may repent to Ah Seng Durian and then commit crimes elsewhere.

知名榴梿摊位遇骗子 屡次以电子付款截屏行骗

发布 8视界新闻 日期 2020年7月29日 16:56


位于锦茂的榴梿摊位阿城榴梿(Ah Seng Durian)昨晚(29日)在社交媒体Facebook页面发帖揭露此事。

阿城榴梿的帖文最后写道,这是他们接受无现金付款以来首次遇到骗案。“待人宽容,和平共存(live and let live),我们接受了他的道歉和迟来的付款,这件事最后私下解决了。希望类似事件不会再发生,不然我们会毫不犹豫地向有关部门举报处理。”
这条帖文获得了网民的踊跃回复,大多网民都指出,阿城榴梿或许并非唯一的受害者,或许有其他小贩和摊位也受骗,因此建议报警处理。我也同意不要放过诈骗犯罪,他们可能向你道歉, 然后又到别的地方犯案。

Common scams tricks 常用咋骗技俩

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