Fake online shopping websites 虚假的在线购物网站

Fake Pizza Hut website steals bank information

Translate from 8world on November 29, 2020 20:14

New scam tactics appeared on the Internet. Scammers pretense to sell cheap pizzas, fished the victim’s bank information and password, and then stole their deposits.

The police issued a statement saying that scammers posted fake advertisements selling cheap pizza on social networking sites Facebook or Instagram, attracting victims to click on the fake website link of the fake pizza chain Pizza Hut in the advertisement, tricking them into placing the order, and then fishing the victim’s bank Information and one-time password. After the victim found out that the deposits in the bank account had been illegally transferred, he was deceived.

The police remind the public to beware of providing links to websites that are too “good”, and at the same time log on to the official website to verify the facts, and not to disclose personal or bank information and one-time passwords.


2020年11月29日 20:14 八视界发布


警方发表文告说,骗徒在社交网站Facebook或Instagram刊登售卖便宜比萨的假广告,吸引受害人点击广告上假冒比萨连锁店必胜客Pizza Hut的假网站链接,诱骗他们下单,然后钓取受害人的银行资料和一次性密码。



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