Scratch and win scams 刮刮乐骗局

Scratch-and-win a Car cheated old man for RM200,000

Translate from Malaysia Oriental Daily on January 25, 2015 21:27

Scratch-and-win reaches out to the elders! An elderly man was kept in the dark until his son discovered that something was wrong. However, the scam was revealed, but he still lost nearly RM200,000 in the end.
Victim Kamaluddin (74, retired) pointed out that he was lobbied by a young Chinese ethnicity to participate in a “Scratch-and-win competition” when he and his wife planned to return home from the Selayang hypermarket on November 6 last year.
“I didn’t pay attention to him at first, but someone kept harassing and told me that I had won the prize. Then they placed the mattress prize in the car and took me to the office in Kepong, claiming that I won the Toyota car and bank card. “
He pointed out this when he was accompanied by his family and held a press conference at his residence today. He said that the person company had no one other than a Chinese who claimed to be the boss, and there were only a few tables and chairs in the office, which was obviously only a temporary company.
“After arriving at his office, the person asked me to surrender RM10,000 first, and I paid the cash in 5 days.”
He said that there were 3 people in contact with him and asked him for money. From November last year to January this year, he remitted a total of nearly 200,000 ringgits to the person bank account, including two “cash transaction”.
“The person delayed the delivery date for many reasons. In addition, the person claimed to make me the owner of the factory and asked me to remit RM10,000 to the account.”
He mentioned that because the person had presented his ID card to show “innocence”, and even sent him a “winning certificate” by mail at the beginning of this year, he was convinced of everything in front of him. “The contact person once advised me not to tell my family about this, so as not to affect the “car delivery procedure”, but I finally found out that I had jumped into the trap of the fraud group!”
He said that his three bank accounts were suffering, and bank deposits “shrined” instantly.
According to the victim’s dictation, the main contacts were all Chinese. In any case, he has reported the case to the police in the hope that the police can start an investigation as soon as possible.

刮刮乐刮中车 老翁被骗20万

来自马来西亚东方日报 发布于 2015年01月25日 21时27分

受害人卡玛鲁丁(74岁, 退休人士)指出,他是在去年11月6日与妻子准备从士拉央霸级市场返家时,被一名年轻华裔游说参与“刮刮竞赛”。
“起初我并没有理会他,但对方不断骚扰,告知我已赢奖,随后将床褥奖品塞入车内,再把我带到位于甲洞的办公室,声称我赢得丰田轿车和银行卡等。 ”
他提及,由于对方曾出示身份证展示“清白”,更在今年头透过邮寄“得奖证书”予他,故他对于眼前的一切,深信不疑。 “接洽者曾劝告我勿将事情告知家人,以免影响‘交车程序’,不料最终才发现已跳下诈骗集团的圈套!”

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