Katong and Marine Parade

Marine Parade and Katong Heritage, Building, Murals Trail

Marina Parade 马林白列

Marine Crescent

Mural at Block 32 Marine Crescent, Singapore 440032. 壁画位于大牌32马林百列,新加坡邮区 440032

Murals at Block 34, Marine Crescent, Singapore 440034. 壁画位于大牌34马林百列,新加坡邮区 440034

Below: Caring Community, Gracious people murals at Block 45 Marine Crescent, Singapore 440045. 壁画位于大牌45马林百列,新加坡邮区 440045

Caring Community, Gracious people
Being caring is spreading my cheerfulness to everyone
Being caring means being kind to the people around me
Being Gracious is being considerate towards everyone
Being gracious is being helpful & polite to my neighbours, friends & everyone
Marina Bay Sands
Singapore Fishing Village
Orchard Road, 1920s
Raffles Place, 1950s
Singapore Transportation, 1990s

Above: Wall murals reflecting old and new Singapore by 6 SOTA students (Alysha, Alyshea, Jana, Joshua, Natasha, Renee) at Block 45 Marine Crescent, Singapore 440045. 壁画位于大牌45马林百列,新加坡邮区 440045

Katong 加东

Karikal Mahal, 25 Still Rd, Singapore 423961

Murals at 208 East Coast Road, Singapore 428907

Behide 180 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428886. 壁画位于180东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428886

Santa Grand Hotel East Coast, 171 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428877

Turtle Cape (2019) by The Ink and Clog Studios at 150 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428837. 壁画位于150东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428837

Conserved Terrace Houses at 150 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428837. 受保护的排屋位于150东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428837

Behide 134 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428819. 壁画位于134东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428819

Kim Choo Singapore Visitor Centre, 111 E Coast Rd, #109, Singapore 428801

Nyonya Kebaya dancing ladies by 111 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428801. 壁画位于111东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428801

Peranakan Culture by Dyn (Safaruddin Bin Abdul Hamid) at 109 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428800. 壁画位于109东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428800

Decorative Tiles Mural by Nicia Lam, Yullis Lam, Novena Angela and Valerie Neo at 107 East Coast Rd, Singapore Singapore 428799. 壁画位于107东海岸路,新加坡邮区 428799

Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple, 19 Ceylon Rd, Singapore 429613

Joo Chiat 如切


Left: i12 Katong, 112 E Coast Rd, Singapore 428802


Spaces Joo Chiat, 292 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427544


Black Earth Culture Arts Centre, 352 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427559


Left: The phoenix by Boon at 321 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427572

Right: Anatomical Reverberation; Recollections of you from a distance By Soph O at 471 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427680

Jalan Jalan By Didier “Jaba” Mathieu for Artwalk 2022 at 357 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427602. 壁画位于357如切路 ,新加坡邮区 427602

A History of Healing (2019) by Tell Your Children at 341 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427593. 壁画位于341如切路 ,新加坡邮区 427593

Left: Ghost of Rumah Katong (2021) by The Ink and Clog Studio at 333 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427588. Commissioned by the Chinese channel iQiyi to promote their show The Ferryman: Legends of Nanyang – the other two locations are in Chinatown and Little India.

Right: The Phoenix By Boon ‘BAKED” for Artwalk 2022 at 321 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427572


Left: Dekat di mata, Jauh di hati By Zul ZERO at 290A Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427542

Right: Apocalyptic Murals By Joshua Yang at 241 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427498

Kway Guan Huat Joochiat Popiah (2019) by Jaxton Su at 95 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427389. 郭源发传统手工制作薄饼皮壁画位于95如切路 ,新加坡邮区 427389

High Tide / Walls are not walls Part 3 by Helene Le Chatelier (2019) at 1 Koon Seng Rd, Singapore 426951

The Intan at 69 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427231. House museum dedicated to Peranakan culture, with tours & ornate artifacts including pots & jewelry.

Style Wars (2013) by Ernest Zacharevic at 85 Joo Chiat Terrace, Singapore 427247. 壁画位于85如切台 ,新加坡邮区 427247

Mural at 44 Changi Rd, Singapore 419703. 壁画位于44樟宜路 ,新加坡邮区 419703

Left: Home-Grown by Ink and Clog Studio at Joo Chat Complex. The mural was made to celebrate the coexistence between the fauna and our concrete habitat. Using mathematical perspectives and alignments, Ink and Clog Studio® vision is to translate the interior of a modern shophouse with the decoration of plants and flowers in geometric shapes and lines to allow the viewers a moment to stop and take delight in a painting while giving them room to take a breather and attain clarity from the fast-paced surroundings.

Right: Barber Murals at Joo Chiat Complex. 壁画位于如切购物商场

Geylang Serai Heritage Gallery at 1 Engku Aman, #01-05 Wisma, Turn, 408528

Wisma Geylang Serai at 1 Engku Aman, #01-05 Wisma, Turn, 408528


SingPost Centre
Address: 10 Eunos Rd 8, Singapore 408600

Katong 加东

Eurasian Heritage Gallery, 139 Ceylon Rd, The Eurasian Association, Singapore 429744

Fleeting (II) (2020) by Kiat at this work is in two parts: Part I is behind Danji Korean BBQ Buffet located at 190 Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 436992, next to a door behind the restaurant facing Swanage Road. Conversations with residents had led to a discovery of sunbirds that often visit to drink from the alleyways’ water pipes and to feed on the flowers blooming in residents’ gardens. The sunbirds were initially misunderstood as hummingbirds, a misconception which got cleared up in the course of this project as residents shared their sightings and observations. Kiat then created a two-parts art mural at two locations, one which hints at the mythical humming- bird and another, a tribute to the sunbird resident of Katong. The spontaneous and expressive art style reflects the fleeting sightings of the birds. Not only do they bring joy and colour, they also serve as a reminder we should respect their habitat as it is us, who are the intruders. 壁画位于190丹戎加东路 ,新加坡邮区 436992

Animals For Life by Oak & Bindi at Vets for Life Animal Clinic, 330B Tanjong Katong Rd, Singapore 437106

A Tale of Two Worlds (2021) by Sam Lo (SKL0) at Coliwoo Hotel Amber, 40-42, Amber Road, Singapore 439878

The Good Garden by Miyuki Soh and By Danielle Tay for The Artground (2020) at 90 Goodman Rd, Singapore 439053

Singapore 新加坡

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