Orchard and Tanglin

Tanglin and Heritage, Building, Murals Trail

Tanglin 东陵

Dempsey Hill
Dempsey Road, also known as Dempsey Hill or Tanglin Village, is located the Singapore Botanic Garden and near the US Embassy. It was originally the site of a nutmeg plantation and later became the Tanglin Barracks of the British Army. This site was also the headquarters of the Far Eastern Army, and later the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense (MINDEF) and the Central Manpower Base (CMPB). Dempsey Road is now a thriving entertainment and leisure hub.
登布西路,也被称为登布西山或东陵村,位于新加坡植物园对面,靠近美国大使馆。 它最初是肉豆蔻种植园的所在地,后来成为英国军队的东陵军营。 该地点也曾经是远东陆军的总部,后来是国防部(MINDEF)和中央人力基地(CMPB)的总部。 登布西路现在是一个蓬勃发展的娱乐和休闲区。

Ethnobotany Craft Mural (May 2018) by Yip Yew Chong 
In the past kampong era, villagers used plants for a variety of purposes. They cover their roofs with dry leaves, woven baskets and floor mats, wrap food in various palm, bamboo and pandanus plants, and even play games.

Ethnobotany Cultural Mural (May 2018) by Yip Yew Chong 
Colourful Peranakans use colourful spices such as turmeric, blue pea vine, cinnamon and chilli as ingredients in their food.

Ethnobotany Medicinal Mural (May 2018) by Yip Yew Chong 
Plants are widely used as medicine in many cultures around the world. In Singapore, the Chinese continue to practice traditional Chinese medicine that has been passed down from generation to generation. An interesting practice is moxibustion, a form of hyperthermia in which dry plant material called moxa is burned on or very close to the surface of the skin. The heat warms and activates airflow in the body.

Ethnobotany Ritual Mural (May 2018) by Yip Yew Chong 
Flowers and fruits are prominent and symbolic in many festivals, celebrations and ceremonies in India. The fragrance of jasmine, the light of calendula, the sweetness of banana and the freshness of coconut all add a rich floral fragrance to the festive sights and scents.

Four rock murals in the Ethnobotany Garden, within the grounds of the Singapore Botanic Gardens, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Ethnobotany Garden is a walking distance from Singapore Botanic Gardens MRT Station, near the Eco Lake.
民族植物园内的四幅岩石壁画,位于被联合国教科文组织列为世界遗产的新加坡植物园内。 民族植物园距离新加坡植物园地铁站仅几步之遥,靠近生态湖。

Chang Kuda (2011) by Chong Fah Cheong
Lady on a Hammock (1989) by David Marshall
Flight of Swans (2006) by Eng Siak Loy
Nurturing (2011) by Vanessa Marston

Singapore Botanic Gardens
1 Cluny Road Singapore 259569
Singapore Botanic Garden is the only large-scale park in Southeast Asia with a British style landscape design, where various plants are distributed. The park was established in 1859 by Lawrence Niven.
新加坡植物园是东南亚地区唯一一座以英伦风格进行景观设计的大型公园,这里分布着各种植物。公园于 1859 年建立,设计师是劳伦斯·尼文 (Lawrence Niven) 。

Gleneagles Hospital
6A Napier Road Singapore 258500
Gleneagles Hospital, opposite the Singapore Botanic Gardens, is the oldest healthcare provider on Orchard Road. This hospital was originally established by the British European Association (now the British Association) to provide medical services to British citizens.
位于新加坡植物园对面的鹰阁医院是乌节路最古老的医疗保健提供者。 这家医院最初是由英国欧洲协会(现为英国协会)建立,为英国公民提供医疗服务。

Tanglin Mall, 163 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247933

Tudor Court
131 Tanglin Road Singapore 247924
In the early 1900s, many houses near Tanglin and Nassim Road were built in the style of black and white houses. These houses have white plastered walls framed by dark timber beams. Tudor Court, built in the 1920s as a dormitory for civil servants, is an example of this colonial-era architectural style.
在 1900 年代初期,东陵和附近的纳森路,许多房屋都采用被称为黑白屋的风格建造。 这些房子有白色的灰泥墙,由深色木梁构成。 都铎法院建于 1920 年代,用作公务员宿舍,是这种殖民时代建筑风格的一个例子。

Tanglin Place
91 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247918

Dragon-Riding Bodhisattva (2001) by Li Chen
Reclining Woman (2004) by Fernando Botero

The St. Regis Singapore, 29 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247911

Moved to Gardens by the Bay

“Mother and Child”, cast in bronze in 1980 is one of two sculptures of the same name sculpted by Dr. Ng Eng Teng. The sculpture makes use of the mother and child motif, common in Singaporean art and is associated with the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) at Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore, 1 Tanglin Rd, Singapore 247905

Mother & Child (1980)

Scotts 诗阁

INDOCAFÉ – the white house, 35 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228227

Goodwood Park Hotel
22 Scotts Road Singapore 228221
Some residents of Orchard Road have established clubs where they can gather to eat, drink and dance. The earliest club on Orchard Road was the German Teutonia Club, which was originally established in 1856 on North Bridge Road. In 1861, the club acquired land on Scotts Road, where it was so successful that in 1900 a more magnificent clubhouse with a castle-like central tower was built by Bidwell.
乌节路的一些居民建立了俱乐部,在那里他们可以聚在一起吃饭、喝酒和跳舞。 乌节路最早的俱乐部是德意志騎士俱乐部,最初于1856年在桥北路成立。 1861 年,俱乐部在 Scotts 路获得了土地,在那里取得了巨大的成功,以致于 1900 年建造了由 Bidwell 设计的带有城堡式中央塔楼的更宏伟的俱乐部会所。

After Charles Carnie’s Cardamom Farm closed down, Cairnhill began to develop into a residential area. Carnie’s house was acquired in 1884 and redeveloped into a bungalow for the manager of Chartered Bank. In the early 1900s, Terrace houses also began to appear along Cairnhill Road.
查爾斯·卡尼的豆蔻农场倒闭后,经禧山开始发展成为住宅区。 卡尼的房子于 1884 年被收购,并重新开发为渣打银行经理的平房。 1900 年代初,经禧路沿线也开始出现排屋。

Orchard 乌节路

Orchard Road is Singapore’s famous tourist shopping street and a gathering place for fashion. Colorful and gorgeous Christmas lights are lit up every year. In the 1830s, Orchard Road was an orchard. In addition to growing fruits, there were sugar cane, pepper, and nutmeg. By the 1860s, the plantation was replaced by a large number of bungalows and there were mountain roads crossing. 乌节路是新加坡著名的旅游购物街,也是时尚潮流的聚集地。 每年都会点亮缤纷绚烂的圣诞灯饰。 在 1830 年代,乌节路是一个果园。 除了种植水果,还有甘蔗、胡椒和肉豆蔻。 到1860年代,种植园被大量平房所取代,并有山路穿越。

Forum The Shopping Mall, 583 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238884

Hilton Singapore Orchard, 581 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238883

Liat Towers, 541 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238881

Wheelock Place, 501 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238880

Royal Thai Embassy
370 Orchard Road Singapore 238870
In the 1890s, Siamese King Rama V (1853-1910), also known as King Chulalongkorn bought the present Draycott Drive and surrounding land.

Tang Plaza
320 Orchard Road Singapore 238865
In the 1950s, the Scotts Road side of Orchard Road was a quiet neighborhood. This situation began to change on October 20, 1958, when businessman Tang Choon Keng opened his iconic department store C K Tang at the intersection of Scotts Road on Orchard Road.
在 1950 年代,乌节路的史格士路一侧是一个安静的街区。 这种情况在 1958 年 10 月 20 日开始改变,当时商人 Tang Choon Keng 在乌节路的 Scotts 路路口开设了他的标志性百货公司诗家董。

ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, Singapore 238801

Wisma Atria, 435 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238877

Ngee Ann City
391 Orchard Road Singapore 238872
Ngee Ann City is located in the former Teochew cemetery, Tai Shan Ting. When Lien Ying Chow, the founder of OCBC Bank, became chairman of Ngee Ann Kongsi in 1953, he sought to develop the land owned by the organisation on Orchard Road to raise funds for its charitable and educational activities.
义安城位于前潮州墓地泰山亭的所在地。 1953 年,华侨银行创办人连瀛洲出任義安公司主席时,他寻求开发该机构在乌节路拥有的土地,为其慈善和教育活动筹集资金。

Mural by NAFA at Underpass Lucky Plaza-Ngee Ann City

Somerset 索美塞

Masjid Al Falah
15 Cairnhill Road Singapore 229650
Masjid Al-Falah was established in 1987 to cater to Muslim communities who work, live or visit in the Orchard Road area. Masjid means “mosque” in Arabic, and Falah means “success”. This mosque is located in a 32-story commercial building in Singapore and is the first mosque of its kind in Singapore.
Masjid Al-Falah
Masjid Al-Falah 成立于 1987 年,旨在迎合在乌节路地区工作、生活或参观的穆斯林社区。 Masjid 是阿拉伯语的“清真寺”,而 Falah 的意思是“成功”。 这座清真寺位于新加坡一栋 32 层高的商业建筑,是新加坡第一座此类清真寺。

Robinsons store the 162-year-old retail institution at The Heeren close on DEC 17, 2020 2pm.

The Heeren
260 Orchard Road Singapore 238855
In 1931, businessman Chee Swee Cheng built an early mixed-use building in Orchard Road area at the junction of Cairnhill Road. It is named Heeren Building after Heeren Street in Malacca. Heeren means “gentleman” in Dutch. There are shops on the first floor and offices and apartments upstairs.
1931年,商人徐垂青在经禧路的交界处建造了乌节路地区的一座早期混合用途建筑。它以马六甲的Heeren街命名为麒麟大厦,Heeren在荷兰语中是“绅士”的意思。 一楼有商店,楼上有办公室和公寓。

Design Orchard, 250 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238905

Emerald Hill
Emerald Hill was the site of a former nutmeg orchard that began to form a residential area in the early 1900s. The area was acquired by businessmen Seah Eng Kiat and Seah Boon Kang in 1900, who then sold smaller parcels of land to new owners to build terrace houses and shophouses.
翡翠山是一个前肉豆蔻果园的所在地,该果园在 1900 年代初期开始形成一个住宅区。 该地区于 1900 年被商人 Seah Eng Kiat 和 Seah Boon Kang 收购,然后他们将较小的土地出售给新业主,用于建造排屋和店屋。

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Murals
Song Fa Bak Kut Teh Murals

Song Fa Bak Kut Teh 松發肉骨茶
176 Orchard Road, The Centrepoint #02-29/30 Singapore 238843

Cuppage Terrace
Cappej Terrace consists of a row of 17 Malacca-style terrace houses. It was built in 1905-07 by Boey Lian Chin, the former managing director of Guangyi Bank. These houses are designed for the growing middle class who wants to stay away from the overcrowded city centre.
卡佩芝台由一排 17 座马六甲风格的排屋组成,由曾任广益银行董事总经理的梅连振于 1905-07 年建造。 这些房屋是为希望远离拥挤的市中心而不断壮大的中产阶级设计的。

Sian Teck Tng
57 Cuppage Road Singapore 229468
Sian Teck Tng (Hall of Good Merit in Teochew) was built in 1904 as a vegetarian convent for female devotees. This Chinese temple is located at Cuppage Road, a place frequented by some residents of Emerald Hill.
善德堂(潮州的“功德堂”)建于 1904 年,是供女性信徒使用的斋堂(或素食修道院)。 这座华人寺庙位于卡佩芝路,是翡翠山的一些居民经常光顾的地方。

Orchard Plaza (Former Orchard Road market & Former Glutton’s Square)
150 Orchard Road Singapore 238841
The area between Koek Road and Cuppage Road was once the site of Orchard Road’s first market, established in 1880 by lawyer and Municipal Commissioner Edwin Koek. In 1890, the market was acquired by the government and transformed into the Orchard Road Municipal Market. It sold fresh produce and is favored by residents of the nearby Emerald Hill.
于谷路和卡佩芝路之间的区域曾经是乌节路第一个市场的所在地,由律师和市政专员 Edwin Koek 于 1880 年建立。 1890年,市场被政府收购,改建为乌节路市政市场。 它出售新鲜农产品,受到附近翡翠山居民的青睐。

Concorde Shopping Mall, 100 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238840

Mandarin Orchard Hotel (Former Singapore Chinese Girls’ School)
333 Orchard Road Singapore 238867
Mandarin Hotel opened in 1971 and is the tallest building and largest hotel in Singapore, with 700 rooms. It was founded by Lien Ying Chow, the founder of Overseas United Enterprise, who bought the hotel land from Ngee Ann Kongsi in 1964.
文华大酒店于1971年开业,是新加坡最高的建筑和最大的酒店,拥有700间客房。 由聯僑企業创始人连瀛洲于1964年从义安公司手中买下酒店地皮创办。
One of the oldest schools in the area was the Singapore Chinese Girls’ School, founded in 1899 by Dr. Lim Boon Keng, lawyer Song Ong Siang and scholar Khoo Seok Wan to provide modern education for Chinese girls. This was considered a radical idea in the Chinese community, because it was thought that girls did not need education. Singapore Chinese Girls’ School was originally located at Hill Street, and then moved to a new two-story building on the Claregrove site, Dr. Lim’s former residence in Emerald Hill, in 1926.
该地区最古老的学校之一是新加坡女子学校,由林文庆博士、律师Song Ong Siang和学者Khoo Seok Wan于 1899 年创立,旨在为华裔女童提供现代教育。 这在华人社区被认为是一个激进的想法,因为当时认为女孩不需要接受教育。 新加坡女子学校最初位于禧街,然后于 1926 年搬到了林博士在翡翠山的故居 Claregrove 遗址上的一座新的两层楼建筑。


Cineleisure Orchard, 8 Grange Rd, Singapore 239695

Parada-Sia-2021 (20221213)
Paper Rex by Sam Lo
Peace and Tranquillity by RSCLS (Deleted)
Hip Hop Don’t Stop 2018 By DPLMT (Deleted)
Pollution is Destruction 2021 by Haikel Yusuff
Mural by Amisha Prakash
Dracoo Master
Better Together

Murals at SCAPE, 2 Orchard Link, Singapore 237978

Sea-rial Killer 2021 Concept by Emily Wirawan, Firas Azhar, Joleen Low, Park Sojung Mentored by Ernest Goh (13/12/22)
It’s Okay To Reach Out Mural initiative by the Health Promotion Board and Thirtytwo CM (13/12/22)
Grand Prix Wall Art Competition 2022 (13/12/22)

Somerset Youth Park, 121 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238166

111 Somerset, 111 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238164

Somerset Skate Park, 1 Somerset Rd, Singapore 238162

57 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239520

Winsland House, 3 Killiney Rd, Singapore 239519

Winsland House II
165 Penang Road Singapore 238463
Winsland Building 2 consists of two Edwardian-era semi-detached houses built in the 1910s and a new office building built in the early 2000s. It is located on a former 173-acre nutmeg estate and was originally developed by Dr. Thomas Oxley.
温斯兰大厦2由两栋建于 1910 年代的爱德华时代半独立式住宅以及建于 2000 年代初期的新办公楼组成。 它坐落在一个前 173 英亩的肉豆蔻庄园上,最初由 Thomas Oxley 博士开发。

313@Sumerset mural by Tobyato

313@somerset, 313 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238895

Foot Locker

Orchard Gateway, 277 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238858

Orchard Central, 181 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238896

Penang Road Open Space
Penang Road Open Space has a garden where plants provide nectar for butterflies or food for their caterpillars. It is part of the Orchard Butterfly Trail developed by the Nature Society in cooperation with National Parks Board and Singapore Tourism Board in 2010. This trail includes butterfly gardens located at various parts of Orchard Road and has attracted more than 50 species of butterflies since it was developed.
槟城路开放空间有一个花园,植物为蝴蝶提供花蜜或为它们的毛毛虫提供食物。 它是自然协会与国家公园局和新加坡旅游局合作于 2010 年开发的乌节蝴蝶步道的一部分。 这条小径包括位于乌节路不同地方的蝴蝶园,自开发以来吸引了超过50种蝴蝶。

Dhoby Ghaut 多美歌

The Istana, Orchard Rd, Singapore 238823

Memories of Plaza Singapura (2016) by Yip Yew Chong (20221213)
Mural by Tiffany Yao and Playgroup at (20221213)

Plaza Singapura, 68 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238839

Art Tree By Han Sai Por at The Luxe Art Museum, 6 Handy Rd, #02-01 The Luxe, Singapore 229234

Former Cathay Building (The Cathay) (National Monuments)
2 Handy Rd, Singapore 229233
The Cathay was Singapore’s first air-conditioned cinema, which opened in 1939. Behind the cinema stands the 16-story Cathay Building, which opened in 1941 as Singapore’s first skyscraper and was gazetted as a national monument in 2000.
The Cathay Building was one of the conditions for the British surrender during World War II, and the Japanese flag was hoisted for the first time. Subsequently, Japanese Broadcasting Department, the Japanese Military Propaganda Department and the Japanese Military Information Bureau used to work here. The movie theater inside was renamed Dai Toa Gekijo (“Greater East Asian Theatre” in Japanese) to screen Japanese propaganda films.
国泰是新加坡第一家空调电影院,于 1939 年开业。 电影院后面矗立着 16 层高的国泰大厦,该大厦于 1941 年开业,是新加坡的第一座摩天大楼,并于 2000 年在宪报刊登为国家纪念碑。
国泰大厦是二战期间英国投降的条件之一,首次悬挂日本国旗。 随后,日本广播部、日本军事宣传部和日本军事情报局曾在此办公。 里面的电影院更名为Dai Toa Gekijo(日语“大东亚剧院”),用于放映日本宣传片。

MacDonald House (National Monuments)
40A Orchard Road Singapore 238838
The first post-World War II landmark on Orchard Road was the MacDonald House built by the Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC) in 1949. The building was named after Malcolm John Macdonald, then Governor-General of Malaya.
乌节路的第一个二战后地标建筑是汇丰银行于 1949 年建造的麦唐纳大厦。该建筑以当时马来亚总督马尔科姆·约翰·麦克唐纳的名字命名。

Temasek Shophouse, 28 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238832

SMA House
14 Orchard Road Singapore 238827
In the late 1800s, Dhoby Ghaut was home to many companies that provided carriages and stables. In the early 1900s, when horse-drawn carriages were replaced by cars, Orchard Road became the center of car showrooms.
在 1800 年代后期,多美歌是众多提供马车和马厩的公司的所在地。 在 1900 年代初期,当马车被汽车取代时,乌节路成为汽车陈列室的中心。

Istana Park
Istana Park, opened in 1996 and occupies the area established as orchard park in 1971. Istana Park aims to increase the visibility of the entrance to the Istana. At its core is a 26-meter-long, four-story high festival arch. The design of the arch symbolizes its role as a gateway to the Civic District, which is home to many national monuments and other historical landmarks.
总统府公园于 1996 年开放,占据了 1971 年作为果园公园建立的区域。 总统府公园旨在提高总统府入口的显着性。 它的核心是一个 26 米长、四层高的节日拱门。 拱门的设计象征着它作为通往市政区的门户的作用,市政区坐落着许多国家纪念碑和其他历史地标。

Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station
In the early 1800s, the Orchard Road area was considered suburban because the commercial center of Singapore at that time was located by the Singapore River. Since Dhoby Ghaut is the closest to the city and there is a freshwater stream to provide water, many of the early activities on Orchard Road are carried out here.
在1800年代初期,乌节路地区被认为是属于郊区的,因为当时新加坡的商业中心位于新加坡河边。 由于多美歌离市区最近,并且有一条淡水溪流提供水源,因此乌节路的许多早期活动都在这里进行。

Dhoby Ghaut Green
9 Penang Road Singapore 238459
Dhoby Ghaut Green was developed by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) in 2009, serves as a community and events space above Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station. It includes a 250-seat outdoor amphitheater, whose design is inspired by the weaving of rattan baskets. The park also houses an art center for exhibitions and courses.
多美歌绿地由市区重建局于 2009 年开发,用作多美歌地铁站上方的社区活动空间。 它包括一个 250 个座位的户外圆形剧场,其设计灵感来自藤篮的编织。 该公园还设有一个艺术中心,用于展览和课程。

Former House of Tan Yeok Nee
101 Penang Road Singapore 238466
Tan Yeok Nee was a Teochew pioneer and a major gambier merchant. His plantations were mainly located in Johor, Malaya. In 1870, he was made a major by Maharaja Abu Bakar. (the highest-ranking Chinese official in Johor).
陈旭年是潮州先驱和主要的甘比尔商人,其种植园主要位于马来亚柔佛州。 1870年,他被苏丹阿布·峇卡封为少校(柔佛最高级别的中国官员)。

Red Cross House
15 Penang Lane Singapore 238486
Orchard Road is the home of the Singapore Red Cross, which was established in 1949. Prior to the widespread availability of such services in Singapore, the humanitarian organization provided crucial first aid, social welfare and relief services. For example, the Singapore Red Cross was actively involved in the rescue of local disasters from the 1960s to the 1980s, such as the Bukit Ho Swee fire in 1961, the Potong Pasir floods in 1966 and a cable car accident in 1983.
乌节路是新加坡红十字会的所在地,该组织成立于 1949 年。在新加坡广泛提供此类服务之前,该人道主义组织提供了至关重要的急救、社会福利和救济服务。 例如,新加坡红十字会在 1960 年代至 80 年代积极参与当地灾难的救援工作,例如 1961 年的河水山火灾、1966 年的波东巴西洪水和 1983 年的缆车事故。

Orchard Road Presbyterian Church
3 Orchard Road Singapore 238825
The Orchard Road Presbyterian Church was built in 1878 and is the oldest church on Orchard Road. Before the construction, the local presbyterian worshipped in the Mission Chapel, a chapel built in 1823 on Bras Basah Road. In 1875, the Presbyterian congregation was granted land on Orchard Road by the government for the construction of a new church.
乌节路长老会教堂建于 1878 年,是乌节路最古老的教堂。 在建造之前,当地长老会在福音教堂礼拜,这是一个于 1823 年在勿拉士峇沙路建立的礼拜堂。1875 年,长老会被政府授予乌节路的土地,用于建造新教堂。

1 Orchard Road Singapore 238824
The oldest surviving community organization in the area is the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). YMCA was established in London, UK in 1844 to provide young men with healthy social, sports and educational activities. Its Singapore branch built an Edwardian-style brick structure on Orchard Road in 1911.
该地区现存最古老的社区组织是基督教青年会(YMCA)。 YMCA 于 1844 年在英国伦敦成立,为年轻男性提供健康的社交、体育和教育活动。 其新加坡分公司于 1911 年在乌节路建造为爱德华时代风格的砖结构。

Bras Basah 勿拉士峇沙

Old Rendezvous Singapore Mural by Yuckymeshi at Rendezvous Hotel Rendezvous Hotel Singapore, 9 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189559. 壁画位于新加坡龙都大酒店

Lazada One, 51 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189554

Former St Joseph’s Institution (Singapore Art Museum) (National Monuments)
71 Bras Basah Rd, Singapore 189555
The former boys’ school St. John’s Institution main classroom block was completed in 1867. The school premises comprised of a group of blocks built between the mid-19th and early 20th centuries in a classical style reminiscent of the European Renaissance. The expanded wing and dome structure were later completed in 1903. During the Japanese occupation, military authorities took over the school’s operations and renamed it Bras Basah Road Boys’ School. After the war, the school resumed its original name and resumed pre-war educational activities. In 1988, the school relocated to a new complex on Malcolm Road, while the old campus is now home to the Singapore Art Museum. The old building was gazetted as a National Monument on February 14, 1992.
前男校圣约瑟书院的前建筑于 1867 年完工。校舍由 19 世纪中叶至 20 世纪初建造的一组街区组成, 具有让人联想到欧洲文艺复兴时期的古典风格。 而扩建的翼楼和圆顶结构后来于 1903 年完成。在日本占领期间,军事当局接管了学校的运营,并将其更名为勿拉士峇沙路男子学校。战后,学校恢复原名,恢复战前教育活动。 1988 年,学校搬迁到马尔科姆路的一个新综合大楼,而旧校区现在是新加坡美术馆的所在地。这座旧建筑于 1992 年 2 月 14 日被列为国家古迹。

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