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Scenes of Sembawang Park and Sembawang Hot Springs (2019), An artwork by Mural Lingo (Lead Artist: Jaxton Su) at Block 351D Canberra Rd, Singapore 754351

1st prize winner of United Against Crime and Wall Mural Against Sam Competition event at Block 352B Canberra Rd, Singapore 752352

2nd prize winner of United Against Crime and Wall Mural Against Sam Competition event at Block 352C Canberra Rd, Singapore 753352

Let’s Paint Together! muals (28 Jul 2018) by Passion Arts C at Block 352C Canberra Rd, Singapore 753352

Former Admiralty House (National Monuments)
345 Old Nelson Road
The Former Admiralty House was built by the British Royal Navy between 1939 and 1940. It was built to accommodate the most senior officers of the former Sembawang Naval Base and was originally called the Naval House or Canberra House (named after the nearby Canberra).
海军司令前官邸由英国皇家海军于 1939 年至 1940 年间建造。 它的建造是为了容纳前三巴旺海军基地最高级的军官,最初被称为海军之家或坎贝拉之家(以附近的坎贝拉命名)。

Homes in the Naval Base
Admiralty Road East
There are many colonial houses on the side of the Admiralty Road East built in 1923. These houses were built in the 1920s and 1930s as the residences of British officers at the former Sembawang Naval Base.
建于 1923 年的海军部东路两侧是许多殖民时代的房屋。 这些房屋建于 1920 年代和 1930 年代,是前三巴旺海军基地英国军官的住所。

Durban Road Bunker near 291 Durban Rd, Singapore 759636

St John’s Rd

Bermuda Road Pillbox, opposite 250A Bermuda Road, Singapore 759821

Masjid Assyafaah
1 Admiralty Ln, Assyafaah Mosque, Singapore 757620
The Masjid Assyafaah opened on April 9, 2004. It is a place of worship and community space for Muslims living in Sembawang and the northern surrounding areas. The name “Assyafaah” comes from the Arabic Shafa’ah, which means “intercession”
1 海军部巷
阿沙法阿清真寺于 2004 年 4 月 9 日开业,是居住在三巴旺及北部周边地区穆斯林的礼拜场所和社区空间。 “Assyafaah”这个名字来自阿拉伯语Shafa’ah,意思是“代祷”。

Sembawang Shipyard
60 Admiralty Road West
The Sembawang Shipyard was officially opened in 1938 and was established by the British to defend their territories in the Far East. This historic gate once led to the naval base’s dockyard, where refuelled, maintained and repaired were carried out for warships.
海军部西路 60号
三巴旺船厂地于 1938 年正式开放,由英国人建立以保卫他们在远东的领土。 这座历史悠久的大门曾经通向海军基地的造船厂,在那里为军舰进行燃油补给和维修。

Sembawang Strip
Sembawang Strip
1018-1036 Sembawang Road
This row of shophouses was built around 1965 and is commonly known as Sembawang Strip. It is part of the former Sembawang Village, a settlement located along Sembawang Road, also known as the 14th milestone of Sembawang Road.
这排店屋建于 1965 年左右,俗称三巴旺大道。 它是前三巴旺村的一部分,这是一个位于三巴旺路沿线的定居点,也被称为三巴旺路的第 14 条石。

king’s ave bunker apposite 143 Queen’s Ave, Singapore 758598

Malta Crescent Bunker right next to Sembawang Car Park 2

Gibraltar Crescent Bunker structure opposite 158 Gibraltar Crescent, Singapore 759589

Houses at Gibraltar Crescent
Gibraltar Crescent
The oldest black and white house in Sembawang was built in 1929 and is located at Gibraltar Crescent. These houses are also called Jacksons because they were originally inhabited by engineers from Sir John Jackson Limited. During the Second World War, one of the houses was destroyed and replaced by a single-story building called the Dockyard Theater or the Japanese Theater. After the war, this building was used as a multi-purpose hall for badminton games and music performances. In the 1990s, the Japanese Theater and nine other bungalows at Gibraltar Crescent were used as corporate bootcamps by Singapore Airlines’ Service Quality Centre.
三巴旺最古老的黑白房屋建于 1929 年,位于直布罗陀弯。 这些房子也被称为杰克逊,因为它们最初由约翰·杰克逊爵士有限公司的工程师居住。 在第二次世界大战期间,其中一栋房屋被毁,取而代之的是一座被称为造船厂剧院或日本剧院的单层建筑。 战后,这座建筑作为羽毛球比赛和音乐表演的多功能厅。 在 1990 年代,日本剧院和直布罗陀弯的其他九间平房被新加坡航空公司的服务质量中心用作企业训练营。

Houses at Cyprus Road
Cyprus Road
After World War II, apartments were built at the former Sembawang Naval Base to accommodate more and more European staff. These include today’s elevator-free apartments at Cyprus Road, with the Brise soleil (“sun breaker” in French) protruding around the windows, showing the influence of the Art Deco movement.
二战后,在前三巴旺海军基地建造了公寓,以容纳越来越多的欧洲工作人员。 其中包括赛普鲁斯路上当今的无电梯公寓,其窗户周围突出的著名 brise suneil(法语为“遮阳伞”)显示了装饰艺术运动的影响。

Sembawang Tree at Sembawang Park (Car Park 1)

Sembawang area is named after the Sembawang tree (Mesua ferruginea)? The tree grows along streams and flowing rivers in forests, and its flowers are pollinated by insects.

Sembawang Park
Sembawang Road
The largest park in Sembawang is Sembawang Park. It is one of the many parks planned throughout the island in the 1970s to provide residents with open and green spaces. This park used to be part of the naval base, which contained the canteen of British officers. After the British left, the government converted the area into Sembawang Park and opened it in 1979.
三巴旺最大的公园是三巴旺公园,它是 1970 年代全岛规划的众多公园之一,为居民提供开放和绿色空间。 这个公园以前是海军基地的一部分,里面有英国军官的食堂。 英国人离开后,政府将该地区改建为三巴旺公园,于 1979 年开放。

Beaulieu House
117 Beaulieu Road
Beaulieu House was built in the 1910s as the holiday villa of Jewish businessman Joseph Brooke David. Beaulieu means “beautiful place” in French, and this house may be named for its scenic location and intricate design.
柏友里屋建于 1910 年代,是犹太商人约瑟夫·布鲁克·戴维的度假别墅。 柏友里在法语中的意思是“美丽的地方”,这座房子可能因其风景优美的位置和复杂的设计而得名。

Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang
27B Jalan Mempurong
Masjid Petempatan Melayu Sembawang opened in 1963 and was built by residents of Kampong Tengah. The village occupied this corner of Sembawang until the mid-1980s. The mosque also serves Muslim communities in nearby former villages, such as Kampong Wak Hassan and Kampong Tanjong Irau.
惹兰孟布隆 27B号
三巴旺马来居民回教堂于 1963 年开业,由甘榜登雅的居民建造,该村庄一直占据着三巴旺的这个角落,直到 1980 年代中期。 该清真寺还为附近前村庄的穆斯林社区提供服务,例如 Kampong Wak Hassan 和 Kampong Tanjong Irau。

  • Most of the streets here are named after the Malay terms for common fish and plants found in Sembawang.
  • Streets named after fish
  • Jalan Mempurong: Herring
  • Jalan Selimang: Barb
  • Jalan Inggu: Tomato clownfish, the orange coral fish.
  • Kerong Walk and Lane: Crescent perch
  • Streets named after plants
  • Jalan Janggus: Cashew nut tree.
  • Jalan Kandis: Wild mangosteen
  • Jalan Machang: Horse mango, which tastes similar to the mango
  • Jalan Sankam: From ‘saka’, a kindof turmeric plant.
  • Jalan Kerayong: A tree known for its bark which has medicinal properties
  • Jalan Basong: A tree which latex is used for sores and skin ailments, and the plant is also good for lowering fever and expelling parasites from the intestines.

Canberra Plaza, 133 Canberra View, Singapore 750133

Sembawang Shopping Centre
604 Sembawang Road
Sembawang Shopping Center is a well-known building in the area. When it opened in 1986, it was the largest shopping center in the north. This four-story retail mall served the residents of the area, including people from the nearby JTC flats and Sembawang Spring Estate.
三巴旺购物中心是该地区的知名建筑,于 1986 年开业时是北部最大的购物中心。这家四层高的零售商场为该地区的居民提供服务,包括来自附近 JTC 祖屋和三巴旺春泉住宅區的人们。

Sembawang Hot Spring Park
Gambas Avenue
Sembawang Hot Spring is the only natural hot spring in Singapore. The hot spring is located in a swamp owned by the businessman Seah Eng Keong, who wants to keep it secret before analyzing the water. However, in 1908, the municipal ranger William Arthur Bates came across the hot springs and made it known to the press.
三巴旺温泉是新加坡唯一的天然温泉。 温泉位于商人佘永恭拥有的沼泽地上,他希望在对水进行分析之前对温泉保密。 然而,在 1908 年,自治区的护林员威廉·阿瑟·贝茨 (William Arthur Bates) 得知了温泉,并将其向媒体公开。

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