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HarbourFront MRT station (starting point) 港湾地铁站(起点)

Sentosa Gateway 圣淘沙出入口

Gateway Ave 出入口道

Sentosa Artillery Road murals

Singapore’s largest Merlion stands tall at the heart of Sentosa is closing after more than 20 years operate, and its last operating date is Sunday, October 20, 2019. The Sentosa Merlion was officially opens June 30 1995. It was designed by Australian artist James Martin. Now, it will make way for the upcoming S$90 million pathway, dubbed Sentosa Sensoryscape, is set to be completed in 2022. It is part of a bold master plan to transform Sentosa and nearby Pulau Brani into a game-changing leisure and tourism spot in the next two to three decades.

British Hospital (Madame Tussauds Singapore)
40 Imbiah Rd, Sentosa, 099700
This building was built in the 1880s and is one of the oldest buildings in Sentosa. It was originally used as a hospital for British troops stationed on the island, and it continued to be used during the Japanese occupation. It became the Royal Artillery Training Center until the 1950s.
英军医院 (新加坡杜莎夫人蜡像馆)
这座建筑建于 1880 年代,是圣淘沙最古老的建筑之一。 最初用作驻岛英军的医院,日本占领期间还继续使用,直到 1950 年代后才成为英国皇家炮兵训练中心。

Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom

Sentosa Nature Discovery
Just as Sentosa’s historical fortresses and pre-war heritage buildings were reused for other purposes, the abandoned monorail station that was decommissioned in 2005 was also transformed into new uses, such as hotels, restaurants, attractions, and offices. The result of this conversion is the Sentosa Nature Discovery Center, where you can now explore the galleries of interactive exhibitions to improve your scientific processing skills: observation, classification, comparison, and inference.
就像圣淘沙的历史堡垒和战前遗产建筑被重新用作其他用途一样,2005 年退役的废弃单轨车站也被改造成新的用途,例如酒店、餐厅、景点和办公室。 这样的转换的结果是圣淘沙自然探索中心,您现在可以探索互动展览的画廊,以提高您的科学处理技能:观察、分类、比较和推断。

Mount Imbiah Battery (Mount Imbiah)
Mount Imbiah is one of the two nature reserves in Sentosa, away from the hustle and bustle of the island. Forest-covered hills and 1.8 km long trails will take you on an unforgettable journey to discover the wonders of nature. This defensive post was built in the 1880s. By the time of World War I, it was located on the top of Mount Imbiah at an altitude of 60 meters and was equipped with a 9.2-inch coastal gun. It acts as an inspection team to inspect all merchant ships entering Singapore ports.
英比奥炮台 (英比奥山)
英比奥山是圣淘沙的两个自然保护区之一,远离岛上的喧嚣。 森林覆盖的山丘和 1.8 公里长的步道带您踏上一段难忘的旅程,探索大自然的奇观。 这座防御哨所建于 1880 年代,到第一次世界大战时,位于海拔 60 米的英比奥山山顶,配备了 9.2 英寸海岸炮。 它作为检查组检查所有进入新加坡港口的商船。

Fort Siloso (National Monument and Museum)
Address: Siloso Rd, 099981
Fort Siloso, one of many coastal fortifications built by the British around the 19th century and the only well-preserved coastal fort in Singapore, opened fire on Japanese forces in the west of Singapore during World War II and destroyed the oil refineries at nearby Pulau Bukom and Pulau Sebarok to prevent the Japanese from using them as resources. Between 1963 and 1966, the 10th Gurkha Rifles Unit manned the fort during the Konfrontasi to prevent Indonesian saboteurs from landing on Sentosa and Keppel Harbour. Today, Fort Siloso is a historical attraction in Sentosa , and serves as an important location commemorating Singapore’s war years.
西乐索堡垒是英国人在 19 世纪左右建造的众多沿海防御工事之一,也是新加坡唯一保存完好的沿海堡垒,它在第二次世界大战期间向新加坡西部的日本军队开火,并摧毁了附近的 Pulau Bukom 和 Pulau Sebarok 的炼油厂,以防止日本人将它们用作资源。 1963 年至 1966 年间,第 10 廓尔喀步枪队在印马对抗期间驻守堡垒,以防止印度尼西亚破坏者登陆圣淘沙和吉宝港。 今天,西乐索堡是圣淘沙的一个历史景点,也是纪念新加坡战争年代的重要地点。

Siloso Beach 西乐索海滩

Ola Beach Club
Bikini Bar
06/101 Sunset wave (2015) by Brazilian artist Hilton Alves for International Mural Project Mural
05/101 Perfect Waves (2015) by Brazilian artist Hilton Alves for International Mural Project Mural

Left: 06/101 The ocean mural (2015) prainted by Brazilian artist Hilton Alves. .One of three ocean themed murals in Sentosa

Right: 05/101 ocean themed murals (2015) in Sentosa Beach Station prainted by Brazilian artist Hilton Alves. One of three ocean themed murals in Sentosa. 巴西艺术家希尔顿·阿尔维斯先生在圣淘沙的三幅海洋主题壁画之一。 他在海滩站(上图)的墙上画的海洋壁画是亚洲最大的。

Beach Station Bus Terminal
Old Chang Kee
Magical Shores Sentosa Siloso Beach

Palawan Beach 巴拉湾海滩

Woolwich pond

Allanbrooke Rd 艾伦布鲁克路

Fort Serapong (1885-1942) built between the 1870s and 1890s, together with Fort Siloso, Fort Connaught and the Fort Imbiah, formed an integrated part of the British’s southern coastal defense at Pulau Blakang Mati (present-day Sentosa). Now is restricted area visitors are not allowed to entry.
实拉蓬炮台 (1885-1942) 建于 1870 年代至 1890 年代之间,与西乐索炮台、康乐通堡垒和英比奥炮台一起,构成了英国南部海岸防御在布拉康马提岛(今圣淘沙)的组成部分。(现在是禁区,游客不得入内。)

Sentosa Cove 圣陶湾

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Resorts World Sentosa 圣淘沙名胜世界

Crane Dance at Sentosa Resort
During the day there is simply a large, plain-looking box sitting in the water, but at night the birds wind out of their slumber to perform a courtly dance of love. The premise is simple, the blue crane and the pink crane fall for each other – but there is still something magical about this performance.
Flashes of light and dramatic music accompany the performance as the large steel structures move gracefully through the night sky, and their chests are emblazoned with large screens that add an extra dimension to the story, which ends with the cranes flying away into the night. It makes a great end to a day at Sentosa theme park.
Show times: Daily from 8pm


Former St James Power Station (National Monuments)
Address: 3 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098544
St James Power Station was a coal-fired power station built by the British between 1924 and 1927. The power station was decommissioned in 1976 due to inability to meet Singapore’s growing electricity needs. Although the building no longer generates electricity, it remains a monument to Singapore’s modernisation and urban development during the colonial-era.
圣詹姆斯发电站是英国人在 1924 年至 1927 年间建造的燃煤发电站。由于无法满足新加坡不断增长的电力需求,该发电站于 1976 年退役。虽然该建筑不再发电,但它仍然是殖民时代新加坡现代化和城市发展的一座纪念碑。

HarbourFront MRT station (end point) 港湾地铁站 (终点)

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